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Stephen Stokols (WooMe) and Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners)  Congratulations to Stephen Stokols and George Berkowski, the co-founders of WooMe for securing an additional $3M bridge loan, bringing their funding up to $5M. WooMe is one of the few companies that was able to maintain momentum following their launch at TechCrunch 40 last year, and this infusion of cash is a strong nod of validation to the team and the business.

Indeed, in the 2.5 months since launch, WooMe has brought together over 600,000 people from 138 countries. With those statistics, not only were the current stable of investors woo’d, but others came circling as well. Speed dating is a $1B+ business in the offline world, so with WooMe’s strategy to focus on not just online speed dating, but the larger opportunity of online introductions, this company holds immense promise. As we know, the Gen Y community wants instant gratification and won’t settle for fluffy profiles and doctored profile pictures from 10 years ago. They want to meet people now – based on what’s interesting to them now (as in, this minute). With $5M in the bank, I’m sure the world will be a less lonely place with the addition of WooMe.