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When I lived in Germany back in 2003, I worked on a project with a large Japanese automaker that was also producing a brand new type of photovoltaic cell.  They wanted to know whether it made sense to launch it in Germany or California first.  At the time, I didn’t know much about solar energy and certainly didn’t expect Germany to be a leader in solar, since it’s not like I was getting much of a tan while living in Munich.  As it turns out, Germany has been at the forefront of solar and other forms of renewable energy and eco-friendly initiatives for years.  So it wasn’t a surprise when Wellington Partners told us about their newest partner, Christian Reitberger, who just joined the firm’s CleanTech team.  Christian has a long heritage of experience in the category and has also been angel investing in recent years.

The CleanTech space is certainly interesting and renewable energy and sustainability have now become mainstream themes in the US – indeed we can’t even turn on the TV or read the news without seeing Obama and McCain remind us how important it is to our future.

Wellington has been investing in CleanTech since 2002 and currently counts four companies in their CleanTech portfolio.  We’re looking forward to learning about new additions as the team reviews the significant opportunities available.