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ipod_task4.jpgWe’ve been using reQall for months now, so it’s a part of our everyday lives.  I used to call reQall to remind myself of tasks (I still have my phone set to speed-dial reQall when I hit the letter Q), but I now confess that I’m addicted to the reQall app I’ve downloaded for my Blackberry.  When I’m in a meeting and need to remind myself to look up conduct some research later, I simply open my reQall app, type in the task, and everything is synched and ready.  reQall automatically populates my to-do list, sends me a reminder, and if I say it’s due on a certain date, it also puts it in my calendar.  How handy!  But, I digress… the reason I’m writing this post is because website Lifehacker is conducting an iPhone Task Manager competition.  There are a few out there – but reQall is the one you will love and use daily once you give it a try.

If you use it now, you know what I mean.  If you don’t use it yet, the holidays are a perfect time to get started… Remember to buy your wife that diamond ring; your mom-in-law that day at the spa; you need to get the car oil checked before you drive up to Tahoe for the ski weekend; and don’t forget to research hotels, cabins and restaurants before you go.  Also, be sure not to forget to buy the turkey and stuffing, order your Christmas cards and prepare your card list; buy those fun little holiday stamps, buy some eggnog and pumpkin pie, get your hair cut as it’s getting a bit long, figure out when Santa is at the mall so your kids can tell him they’ve been good, get your dreidls and menorah ready, put a vacation hold on your newspaper, find a kennel for the dog and cat… well, you get my drift… and please don’t forget to vote for reQall.