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While Consort Partners is in the business of providing strategic advice to our clients, including how to solidly position their companies to the press and offer great quotes and soundbites, every now and then, I also find myself on the hotseat, taking questions from reporters. In this case, it happened on the streets of San Francisco.

Last night we met Andrea and Stefan Heuer for dinner, but beforehand wanted to catch the Vice Presidential debates.  The only place we found where the TV screens were projecting the debate was the Chieftans Irish Pub so we squeezed in and soaked in the atmosphere as the crowd booed and cheered the various responses.  Afterward, I was asked by reporter John Sasaki of KTVU Channel 2 to comment on the debate. I thought I’d say something that nobody else would probably say.. well, anyway, it made for a soundbite that I’m getting ribbed for today… Here’s the link to the video:  Debate Reactions