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usa-today-graspr.jpgWhen we see a successful entrepreneur, sometimes we think their success came easily and instantly.  We forget that there are often years of hard work under their belt and not everything was handed to them on a golden platter.  While we often hear of stories of men who’ve worked their way up the ranks to emerge as an inspiration for us all, we don’t often see examples of women who have navigated the road to success while also balancing life with family, friends and outside interests.

A terrific profile piece in USA Today illuminates the life of Teresa Phillips, who’s homespun Kansas roots gave her a solid foundation to tackle everything from Army generals to the executives in the board rooms of Yahoo and Time Warner.  She harnessed her experiences for the betterment of all of us when she was faced with a challenge near and dear to her heart, the birth of her premature baby, and decided to launch Graspr.

Check out Teresa’s story here.  Executive Suite: CEO wants to help extend your grasp