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This week marks the biggest travel time of the year. Most of us will be rushing around, trying to finish up our work, pack our bags, get the tickets ready and run off to meet family and friends to consume 4,000 calories in one sitting.  Then we’ll loosen our pants (or just wear sweats to make us feel less guilty…and yes, less fashionable), sit back and watch some tellie, and think about getting into a bit of shape for the next round of holiday merriment.Since Dominic and I are off to see my 84 year old mom for Thanksgiving, here are a few links that I found useful…

  • Of course, I’ve already filled reQall with reminders for myself (e.g. my mom wants us to bring See’s Candies’ soft chocolates – and nothing else, so that reminder is set for Wednesday).  I
  • ‘ve checked out NileGuide to review the highlights of Seattle, since I don’t go there too often despite the fact my mom lives in Tacoma.
  • We’ll be going out to dinner on Thanksgiving, so it’s important to have my outfit prepared and the accessories ready.  However, nothing looks good if my entrance is made with wobbly ankles due to my spindly heels.  Therefore, Graspr has a few friendly how-to videos, including this “must watch” which is hilarious (admit it, you’ve been the girl in the blue dress… or have at least seen her… before).
  • After our Thanksgiving feast, I’m sure I won’t be thinking of running a marathon on my trytophan-induced coma, so instead I might wander over to my PC for a mini adrenaline rush by playing a few online games at King (72% of those that play are women over 35, like me!).
  • But, feeling guilty as I sit with my sweats and fluffy slippers, I finally might be motivated to do something a bit more active.  Like play around with that giant exercise ball we bought last year that taunts our dog and collects dust.  So here’s another helpful video I will be trying out (although it looks a little tough… maybe I need to find a beginner version of this).

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