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Dimdim is the simple, open-source tool that lets users go online to attend events anywhere

Dimdim is a simple, open-source tool that lets users go online to attend events anywhere

Perhaps it’s too easy and too much fun to break out the crystal ball and play prognosticator. I can’t even count the number of times an overzealous music writer has anointed yet another dime-store troubadour as the next Bob Dylan.

But we’re convinced that Paul Taylor of the Financial Times was onto something when he got his Nostradamus on and described the open-source Web conferencing tool Dimdim as “the shape of online conferencing to come.”

In his Personal Technology column in today’s FT, Taylor addressed how the recession has changed the way we conduct meetings, and how face-to-face encounters are being replaced by virtual ones. All of which bodes well for Dimdim, which he pegged as “the most interesting new Web-based conferencing package” and a tool that’s “ready to go head-to-head with the sector’s big boys.” He also predicted that free services, such as Dimdim, “will shift the balance.”

Now, if we can just get Mr. Taylor to give us his pick for the most capable candidate to cover “All Along the Watchtower.”

Travel expenses getting you and your company down? Do you need to hold a seminar, meeting or class — or just meet up with the far-flung members of a book club or church group?

Dimdim answers all these needs through its FREE, easy, open-source web conferencing mastery. The company today unveils Dimdim 5, an even faster and more secure version of what remains the most effortless, affordable and open web-conferencing solution to date. Check out the new version, which introduces improved screencasting, webinar widgets, registration reports. And did we mention it requires no downloads? Dimdim is also introducing a new pricing plan for its Pro version that’s saves customers money over competitors.

Go ahead and live your dream of diagramming basketball plays online — just in time for this weekend’s Final Four.

Check out this video demo to see Dimdim 5 in all its web conferencing glory: