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I like to take a lot of pictures so I often encounter an intimidating backlog of pictures I need to sort through.  Gah – who was that person in this shot again?  Did I send this to my peeps already, or not.  When your mind isn’t operating like a spring chicken, it’s nice to have technology come to the rescue.

Hooray for Viewdle’s Social Camera – the only way to tag friends in your mobile photos and share them instantly with Facebook, Flickr, MMW or email.

Tag photos of friends with your phone

Want to tag photos from your phone? SocialCamera is the only way to tag the mobile photos that you want to send to friends.  SocialCamera works with the Android camera, so you can take photos with built-in, instant tagging. It uses Viewdle’s advanced face recognition technology to identify the people you take photos of the most, and tag them for you.

Automatically share your photos

It only takes 1 click to share your tagged photos with friends through Facebook, Flickr, MMS, or email.  As you take photos, SocialCamera will create a faceprint of your friends, so you can automatically match their social contact info to their picture – your camera will know who to send your photos to.   Sharing photos on Facebook will automatically add them to a new album for your friends to see instantly.

Socialize with your photos

SocialCamera was created to start conversations with the phone on your camera. Faceprints of your friends will let you communicate back and forth, with photos.  Adding a caption to your photo will let you add a message or status to any email, MMS, Facebook post, or Flickr photo you tag.

Download SocialCamera in the Android App market for free here https://market.android.com/developer?pub=Viewdle.

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I was watching the TODAY Show recently and saw Marilu Henner of Taxi fame talk about a rare condition she has called “superior autobiographical memory,” which was first diagnosed by neurobiologist James McGaugh in 2006.

“I can rattle off almost every time I’ve seen you… It’s like putting in a DVD and it queues up to a certain place. I’m there again, so I’m looking out from my eyes and seeing things visually as I would have that day,” said Marilu.

Sometimes I forget where I parked, so I certainly am not afflicted with this condition…

Given that I suffer from “unsuperior autobiographical memory,” I’m very glad to see Viewdle is coming to my rescue.  Viewdle already has a private beta version of its software available which instantly tags the photos and videos in my computer with the right names, and can also upload them directly to Facebook.

This week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the company demonstrated their facial recognition system for mobile phones, whereby the phone’s camera can pick out faces and tag them with names in real-time.  You will then be able to associate the faces with people in your social networks.

“We are giving smartphones human eyes,” Viewdle co-founder and chief executive Laurent Gil told AFP.

Viewdle received $10 million in funding from mobile device makers Qualcomm and Blackberry, as well as  US electronics retail chain Best Buy, and Anthem Venture Partners, in October 2010, and hopes their  software will start showing up in products by mid 2011.

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