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Blogrank recently published their Top 150 General Travel Blog List.  It’s an interesting list for anyone interested in online and mobile travel news, apps, companies and developments.  Topping the list is Gadling, scoring 100 based on various factors including popularity, RSS membership, incoming links, and others.

For the Top 150 List, click through the link below.

Congratulations to Gogobot for being recognized as a “next generation” travel app that thinks and does more.  Check out there story here:  Next Generation Travel Apps To Think, Do More



Last week I was in Stockholm to visit one of King.com‘s offices and sated in this fantastic and historic hotel called the Stallmastaregarden which was the royal stall master’s buildings in the 1600s. it was a winter wonderland – perfect for sharing on try favorite travel service, Gogobot.

Taking a vacation is always something to look forward to, but planning the vacation isn’t something that’s on the top of the list. 
Where should we go?  Which hotel? Where shall we eat?  Shall we spend hours surfing the internet, or call a travel agency and then get charged a commission?  I wish I could just ask my Facebook friends for their insider tips and advice, as I’m sure there are quite a few that could give me insider’s tips and advice.

Lucky for me, Gekko has just launched an app that will do just that, plus more.

Now, as MSNBC put it so well, you can “Friend your way to better travel.”  Gekko is a new Facebook app that allows users to get travel recommendations from friends, compare hotel prices, and also lets you request deals directly from hotels if you don’t find the price you’re looking for.  So instead of going through multiple steps – ping my friends, Google the hotel, check the hotel website, enter my dates and get a price, ring the hotel to see if there are deals missing from the website, ugh, you get the idea – I can now do all of these steps in one fell swoop.  Saving me time and money, which means I can spend more time packing sundresses and SPF, then working on my vacation.  Oh, it also gives me a nice way to spark new conversations with friends – “Ooh, so you’re thinking of going to Iceland?!  How cool is that?” (Probably very cool – or even cold).

Check it out at apps.facebook.com/gekko


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