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It was clear that Charles Jolley, CEO and co-founder of Strobe was onto something big.  His mission to create an HTML5 mobile app development platform that would enable developers to create apps instantly and easily accessible across multiple platforms and devices was hotly anticipated.  When the company opened the doors to a limited beta and allowed a few to take an early peak inside, they were flooded with requests for broader access.  Apparently, it wasn’t just developers who were eager to get their hands on Strobe.

Yesterday, Charles announced that the team had been acquired by Facebook to help the largest social network in the world create “innovative mobile experiences.”  It was a great pleasure and honor for us to work together with Strobe and we’ll continue to keep an eye on their progress.

A few stories emerged about the acquisition, as shown below.

Last week, Strobe lit up the social media airwaves when news broke they were giving away a limited number of access codes to their highly anticipated app delivery network, a one-stop shop that allows developers to create and manage HTML5-based web apps for smartphones, desktops and tablets from a single interface.  The Twitter-sphere in particular was aglow with requests to @Strobe for the access code, as developers quickly recognized the benefit of using Strobe’s platform to regain control over the way apps are built, published, monetized and managed.  Now the question of whether to go web app or native is dramatically simplified.  Just go Strobe.

Strobe is founded by Charles Jolley, a former JavaScript Frameworks Manager at Apple, where he worked on MobileMe and iCloud. He’s also the creator of the open source JavaScript framework, SproutCore, which powered Apple’s Web services.