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Gogobot Android app featured locations shotGogobot, the place where millions of passionate travelers provide insider tips on the world’s best destinations, today announced the long-awaited launch of its mobile application for Android devices. The Android app joins the iPhone in the Gogobot app lineup, extending the range of mobile offerings for its social network of travelers. Like the iOS version, the Android app allows Gogobot users to search and book hotels, restaurants and things to do in more than 60,000 destinations worldwide.

“Every day, a million new users power up an Android device for the first time,” said Gogobot CEO and co-founder Travis Katz. “And on Gogobot, 60 percent of all social interaction is done via mobile. With our new Android app, Gogobot has responded to the needs of avid travelers who are Android users with an experience uniquely tailored to maximize the device’s capabilities.”


I’m looking forward to this SXSW panel on Tuesday, March 14th at 11:00AM as industry experts gather to discuss, debate and explore how TV networks are leveraging interactivity and gaming to extend their brands to fans.


For decades, TV-show fans have sought ways to extend their connection to their favorite show characters with things like branded cereals, toys, board games, music or the like. Fans often can’t wait for the next episode and especially dread the time between seasons. They want to interact and even play along with their favorite shows. This is a reality that TV networks are creating through branded online games and social games.


The session will sample real case studies from experiences over several seasons with shows and branded games like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Biggest Loser, Survivor, and others. Panel members will also explore how games enable an additional channel for TV networks to reach global fans via social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and Bebo, especially as we’re seeing games being the number one used applications on many social networks.


Topics will include:
  • Why are TV networks leveraging games to extend their brands to fans?
  • How are games enabling TV networks to extend their reach through global social networks like Facebook, Bebo, etc?
  • How have online games faired so far for promoting and extending TV show brands and what other industries can/will this trend extend to?
  • How have online games for TV shows affected the gaming industry?
  • What’s the next development for the online games and TV network partnerships?
Image of Tweeting Bird from Twitter

I’ve had a few people ask me how to get more Twitter followers and what apps I use. I have to spend some time thinking about how to word my condensed answer on how to get Twitter followers – I don’t have zillions of followers, so I’m a bit relunctant to say I know anything special, but I do have a few, so I guess I must have done a couple of things “right” along the way (or I just got lucky, which is probably a lot of it). In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve been using and Tweeting about:


  • Pros: When you start following a lot of people, it’s hard to spot some of those special Tweeters you really want to keep up on. With TweetDeck, you can create a special column filled only with those special peeps. I also use it to search for the names of our clients so I can monitor the chatter about them.
  • Cons: It occassionally dramatically slows the performance of my PC and even crashes it. I’m also sometimes annoyed by their data limits – once you hit then the windows won’t refresh for a while.


If you use Tweetdeck, Twitpic is incorporated into the functionality.  You can link your Tweet with a photo – and with only 140 characters to use, it’s nice to allow your picture to tell your story because a “picture is worth a 1000 words” and Twitter is only a bumper sticker.

  • Pros:  Easy to upload and share photos.  Also allows sharing, blogging and comments.
  • Cons:  It’s supposed to work seamlessly with TwitterBerry, but it never works.


I’m a BlackBerry user, so TwitterBerry is my mobile app.  You can Tweet within the app and save SMS charges and you can also see replies and direct messages and reply back in an easy-to-use format.

  • Pros:  Simple interface and superb mobile convenience.
  • Cons:  The aforementioned Twitpic problem (not a big deal) and you constantly have to refresh to see what’s new.


Well, the name explains it all – enter your keyword, get results.

Twitter Grader – Location

Want to see who’s Tweeting near you?  Enter your city and you’ll see the top Twits in your locale.  Interesting but I do admit I felt a bit voyeuristic too.

Twitter Balloon

See that little Twitter widget to the right, with my pic in it?  That’s from Korelab and it’s a Twitter balloon.  It’s not the easiest to configure, but the instructions are in the blog and I like that it’s a bit more visual than the other Twitter widgets I’ve seen.


I used to get an email every time somebody followed me, but because my inbox is also inundated with Russian spam, I decided to eliminate anything extraneous.  I now get a once-a-day summary email from SocialToo that tells me who followed me (and which one of my Tweets was where they began to follow) and who drops me (and which Tweet bored them to tears).


This Firefox add-in cleans up the regular Twitter interface.  After you load it up and go to the normal www.twitter.com site, you’ll see photos and video thumbnails, plus links presented in a much nicer format.  Plus, the company behind this is from Marin – yo!

Raph Koster (Metaplace)
Image by kathyjohnson via Flickr

Have you ever thought about creating a place on the internet that’s not just filled with text and static photos but with artists and poets, musicians and muses, techies and non-techies all meeting and interacting in an environment designed with their sheer creativity?  I’ve been playing around in Metaplace as they have recently entered their invitation-only alpha stage and it’s a place where I can really lose myself.  I started out at Metaplace Central and bumped into visionary and creative genius, Raph Koster.  We strolled around together and he gave me a giant bouquet of balloons.  I then transported myself to another world where little blue aliens bounced around.  I saw sign post to go ice skating, so I tried that experience too.  I found myself in a winter wonderland next to an icy lake, where I could try my slalom skills (they were pretty bad).  Finally, I hopped back to Metaplace Central and played a little game of Connect 4 with Raph.  He kicked my butt.  Drats – I need some practice.

If you’d like early access to see and experience what the world is coming to, please use this special code MPCONSORT to get in to Metaplace .  Just don’t challenge me to a game of Connect 4 – it’s too embarrassing.

Xing buys Socialmedian
Image by gabemac via Flickr

Perhaps Lars Hinrichs‘ Christmas list this year included a new tie, a new iPod, and maybe an acquisition of leading news company in the states.  I don’t know if he’s getting the tie or iPod, but I can report that XING has acquired New York-based socialmedian, an innovator in the online social news category founded by Jason Goldberg who also lead Jobster (by the way, the photo is of Daniela Hinrichs holding the newest addition to the XING family).

In the deal, XING will pay a combination of cash and stock valued at 2.9 million Euros (approx. $ 4 million), with a performance-based earn-out valued at between 0.5 – 2.5 million Euros (approx. $700K to $3.5 million) payable over three years.

With socialmedian, XING members will be essentially have their own personal news assistant trolling all sources of news, which we know doesn’t just include websites.  Socialmedian essentially collects, sorts and organizes information from social services such as Twitter, Digg, Del.icio.us, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, GoogleReader, FriendFeed, the international blogosphere, and industry and online media sources, then filters that information through your social contacts.  What this means is that you only receive the news you need to know based on your interests, job, and passions, from the people in your networks.   Given we at Consort use many of these various services, we all applaud XING’s newest baby.