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(Photo: Clockwise, from top left:  Mark De la Viña, Dominic Johnson, Heddi Cundle, Paul Brady)

We’re very excited to welcome our brand new and super smart intern, Kyle Lemle, to our team this week.  One of his jobs will be updating our new Consort Partners Twitter account which you can follow below (I know, I know… took me long enough… but heck, I’ve personally been on Twitter since 2006, so please forgive me).

I also wanted to give a shout out to two new contributors to this blog (because I know you were dying for a fresh perspective and not just my personal take on things).  Mark De la Viña and Dominic Johnson have both quietly debuted on the blog, but look for more of their posts in the future.  Mark is an incredible writer – no surprise as he’s a former journalist with the San Jose Mercury News, the LA Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Arizona Republic, among others.  Dominic is the co-founder of Consort and has a natural talent for messaging, sound bites and positioning.

Finally, here’s a line-up of some of the Consorts on Twitter:

Consort Partners (general)

Mark de la Viña

Dominic Johnson

Heddi Cundle

Paul Brady

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