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It was an evening of sweet celebration at the Bluxome Street Winery in San Francisco last week, when Riccardo Zacconi, CEO and co-founder of King.com took the stage to welcome attendees and announce the newest mobile game to hit the iOS platform:  Candy Crush Saga.  Over one hundred people gathered to hear the news from the industry and press, while also enjoying sumptuous nibbles prepared by Master Chefs from the International Culinary Center (also a Consort Partners client).  Joining Riccardo on stage were Sean Ryan, Facebook’s Head of Global Games, as well as the effervescent Tommy Palm, Mobile Guru from King.com.






In addition to Candy Crush Saga on mobile, King.com also announced the release of their newest Facebook game, Pet Rescue Saga.

Following the party, Consorters were relieved to be able to sleep nights again after stressing out over all the details of the party, from the attendees, to the A/V, to the music to the ambiance   But it was all worth it and turned out great (big thanks to the staff at the International Culinary Center for their incredible catering and molecular mixology!).

Congratulations to King.com – we love their games, their people and their energy!

More photos can be found on Facebook here:

If you’re in Seattle today, pop over to Benaroya Hall and check out Casual Connect, a conference all about casual games. Today at 2pm, King.com‘s CEO and co-founder, Riccardo Zacconi, will deliver a keynote address on “Building Multi-Platform Games.”

Here’s the premise of his keynote:  In 2011, there were more than 500,000 smartphones sold worldwide, and 70M tablets sold, a +260% jump from 2010. As price-points lower for devices, content becomes richer, and payment systems more integrated, a wider, more addressable audience emerges. This is particularly the case for games, the most popular mobile app category. And over 50 percent of smartphone app users are connected to Facebook on their mobiles, a neon sign for social games companies to see the potential for multi-platform development.




Last month, King.com made a lot of headlines all around the world for their explosive growth, strategic hires, games launches, and thought-leadership from both the company as a whole, as well as from CEO and co-founder, Riccardo Zacconi.  Here’s just a snapshot of some of the coverage that was generated around King.com in May 2012.  All hail to the King (dot com)!


Summer Richards (Consort Partners) Robert Norton (King.com), Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners) Tomio Geron (Dow Jones), Shireen Piramoon (TumbleCloud), Riccardo Zacconi (King.com), Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners) Mark de la Vina (Consort), Jessica Tams (CGA), Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners) Mark de la Vina (Consort), Sunil Vemuri (reQall), Chris Bauman (Swoopo), Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners) Last night we descended upon Bar888 in the Intercontinental Hotel to greet movers, shakers and opinion makers in the gaming, virtual world and technology scenes.  Monday was the first day of the Game Developers Conference which took place in the Moscone Convention Center, and as far as I could tell, it appeared that gamers were recession proof as throngs of games developers, producers, publishers and reporters filled the rooms to hear speakers talk about every aspect of gaming you could imagine.

One of the speakers was our very own Raph Koster, President of Metaplace.  Raph is a superstar amongst gamers – so much so that he can’t even walk down the streets of San Francisco without people snapping his photo.  I quipped it was like walking with Sean Penn (not that I’d know what that really felt like… but I can imagine).

At 5:30pm, we joined together with Riccardo Zacconi, Robert Norton and Matthias Schmidt-Pfitzner of King.com to greet the guests that ranged from start-up entrepreneurs, to games bloggers, mainstream reporters to execs from the biggest games companies in the world.  We noshed on crab cakes and goat cheese puffs, sipped wines, and talked about the past, present and future of games.  A good night of casual conversation indeed.

If you want to see the full details behind the event and who was on the list, check out the link here:  Keeping it Casual – Monday Night Mixer.

P.S. If you want to see who’s in the photos, just hover your mouse over the pic and the details should appear – but here’s a quick synopsis:  Top photo: Summer Richards, official bouncer and name checker; 2nd photo:  Robert Norton, King.com and me; 3rd photo; good friend Tomio Geron, Dow Jones VentureWire, BFF Shireen Piramoon, TumbleCloud, Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of King.com, and me; 4th photo: journalist turned Consort,  Mark de la Viña, casual games queen and founder of the Casual Games Association, Jessica Tams, and me; 5th photo:  Mark de la Viña, Sunil Vemuri, co-founder of reQall, Chris Bauman, US Head of Swoopo, and me.

And yeah, I guess you can tell I had my photo arm stretched and ready…