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Ever go to the store with your list of things to buy, then realize you left it on the counter when you get there? ReQall to the rescue. But what’s even cooler for me, is that I can be driving by the pet store and will receive an IM that I need to pick up another 25 lb of bird seed (we’ve got a bunch of hungry twitterers, and I don’t mean the digital kind)!

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reQall Pro iphone memory jogger Remember those films when they’d show a kid screaming, “Extra, extra!  Read all about it! (insert cool thing here)!”  Well, I’ve been using the brand new reQall Pro and I have to tell you that it is indeed something you should “read all about!”

The team at reQall have had their heads down and working late nights in the office to build their newest and most comprehensive tool to date.

Does this sound familiar?  Every time you drive past your accountant’s office, you think, “Drats!!! I need to get my tax documents pulled together and get them to Frank before it’s too late!  Why can’t I remember to do this?!  I don’t want to be running around frantically at the last minute like I did last year.  ACK!!”   Okay, well, that’s what I sound like anyway…

And imagine this:  I’m driving past Frank’s house and an alert comes onto my phone.  I stop the car (because you wouldn’t read and drive at the same time, would you?) and check to see what’s up.  Oh man!  My taxes!  Cool!  They’re right in the back seat and I’m going to pull over and see Frank now.  What a relief!

Then I’m heading home and remember I have to pick up some laundry detergent.  But I know there was something else I needed to get.  Maybe some Gingko to help my memory….  No!  I look at my BlackBerry and reQall knows I’m in Safeway and reminds me to buy OJ, dog food and three Cadbury eggs.  Life saver!

We all have our memory lapses and we could all use a bit of help from time to time.  reQall makes it easy by turning your phone into a back-up brain.  Just talk into the reQall app and it transcribes your voice into reminders to be sent to your calendar, email, IM, etc.  Want to remind your hubbie to pick up your dry cleaning – reQall will do that for you too!  Kids need reminders to clean their rooms?  reQall to the rescue.  You just tell reQall and reQall figures out the best time and place to do the reminding.  So you can get on with your life with one less worry.  And that’s a good thing.