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Apparently, PR execs have the second most stressful job, right behind Commercial Airline Pilots (so much for my recent flying lessons) and right before Senior Corporate Execs.  The reason for the stress in PR is:

Public relations executives are “completely at the mercy of their clients and buyers,” says Tony Lee, noting that their success or failure depends on the actions and decisions of clients, creating a stressful situation because their performance is in many ways out of their hands.

Well, I do agree there are elements that are beyond our control.  For example, today President Obama is at Facebook for a Town Hall event and there are a lot of media in attendance.  If we would have had a client announcement today, it would have been tough to compete with the President for attention.  However, there are many other times when we usher a client announcement to the press and everything goes smoothly and spectacularly.  I guess those are the days that compensate for the stressful days!

I thought this was a great chart illustrating the evolving nature of social CRM, as it also identifies the importance and growing prominence of PR as touchpoint and means to establish a two-way communication with the consumer.