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Dominic Johnson & Heddi Cundle (Consort Partners), Dan Cohen (Pageflakes), Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners) I’ve been wanting to work with Pageflakes for a long time – ever since Klaus Hommels first told me about it over a year ago. In fact, when he and I were first collaborating together on another one of his portfolio companies, wunderloop, Klaus sent me his wunderloop “flake” – a customized webpage containing all the news, blog mentions, competitive information, Alexa charts, etc. about wunderloop and the behavioral advertising space. I didn’t know you could share “flakes” with other people (it’s like getting a peak into what Klaus was reading every day to stay on top of his investment companies). Anyway, late last year, we finally had the honor of working together with Pageflakes and absolutely admire and adore the team, headed by CEO Dan Cohen. Dan is a seasoned internet veteran who knows the ropes about building vibrant companies and brands throughout the world. Indeed, his background as the head of My Yahoo! was called upon given the current Microsoft/Yahoo news. He has a unique insight into the potential implications on search and advertising that companies and individuals might experience if it goes through, so we’ll be watching that space closely.

Although a tough businessman, Dan also got a great sense of humor, which we indulged when we were in NYC together for AlwaysOn Media. Here Dominic, Heddi and I are giving Dan some Consort love.