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Have you heard that 87-year-old NFL Hall of Fame football coach Marv Levy is now involved with one of those Bay Area tech startups hosting live online auctions where participants can bid via their iPad? Talk about bridging the generation gap.

Levy at 4 pm PT Monday Dec. 17 will host an online auction on Outbid (www.outbid.com) that will benefit Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, the non-profit that provides financial and medical assistance to retired and debilitated NFL players in dire need – something that has become even more important with the increased awareness of the long-term effects of head injuries.

Among the sports memorabilia he’s auctioning off is an autographed copy of his novel “Between the Lies,” which essentially predicted the recent NFL bounty scandal involving the Saints with its fictional, unscrupulous coach who pays players to injure opponents.

For more details and to sign up for the auction, go to http://www.outbid.com/auctions/4648

By the way, auctions on Outbid unfold in real time, with audio and gaming-style features that turn the whole affair into a fast-paced, lively exchange. Plus, the participants can interact with the auctioneer and Levy in a chat-room like setting.

Ever watched one of those auction shows where the auctioneer talks a mile a minute, getting the audience worked up to bid on the featured product (art, car, cow, etc.)?  Meanwhile, some of the people in the audience stealthily lift their paddles to place a bid while others simply enjoy the spectacle of being a part of the action.

Auctions are gaining a new audience.  There are auctions for unclaimed storage spaces via A&E’s hugely popular show, Storage Wars, and auctions for lost luggage (don’t believe me, check out a preview of the upcoming show: Baggage Battles on The Travel Channel).

Well, for the rest of us, there is a brand new online auction service that combines all the thrills of the live auctions, with gamification features to keep things lively and social.  Introducing Outbid.com.

Unlike online auction sites like eBay, or penny auction sites based on hidden tricks that have frustrated bargain hunters, Outbid is filled with real people, making real bids, on really cool things.

o   Real-time transparency means bidders can chat with their competitors and see what they’re looking at or bidding on.

o   Sellers can either talk (via audio) or chat with bidders, just like at a live event.

o   Both sides earn rewards based on behaviors, like tabling a “Monster Bid’’ to leapfrog over the pack.

I could explain more, but here’s something more fun.  Go to outbid.com and check out the next upcoming auction (as of this writing, the Spring Extravaganza Auction is at 5pm PDT, Wednesday, April 4th).  Among the items up for bid is a brand new iPad 3 (okay, they’re really not called iPad 3, as Apple doesn’t use numbers on the iPad anymore, but anyway…).

Join in the auction – maybe I’ll see you there (and OUTBID you! hah! get it?!)