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Azumio is a real pioneer in the health and wellness category.  Last year they announced a cool app that essentially transformed an iPhone into a Fitbit, for free.  Here is a snapshot of the coverage we generated, including a nice print piece in The New York Times, plus big stories in Reuters, USA Today, and several broadcast hits.

We generated all this without breaking a sweat, as most of us are athletic anyway 😉


Getting featured in the New York Times is always a joy.  This morning, we had the pleasure of seeing our client FreedomPop featured in this massive story on free wifi options:  Keeping Wi-Fi Always Within Range.

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Dave Arnold, master mixologist, molecular gastronomist and Dean of Culinary Technology at The International Culinary Center recently visited the center’s Campbell campus. In a busy schedule that included visiting Google, conducting media interviews and hosting an open house for prospective students, Dave treated current students to a mixology demonstration that involved centrifuges, blowtorches and liquid nitrogen.

Dave Arnold, Dean of Culinary Technology at The International Culinary Center

We had arranged for The New York Times to capture this event and the first of a two-part video series was posted in their Dining section: watch Chef Arnold’s demonstrations, listen to him explain his techniques and check out the amazing facilities at The International Culinary Center’s Silicon Valley campus here.