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Our own April Mayrath has been busy racking up frequent flier miles as she flies to local TV stations to provide advice on the best tech gadgets and apps for the holidays.  We are proud to give some broadcast love to the companies we love, including FreedomPop, Gogobot, Azumio, LifeTrak, and Sleep Genius.

So far April has appeared on KUTV-CBS in Salt Lake City (you can watch by clicking below), and on KVVU-FOX in Las Vegas.  That’s just the start – more to come!

Happy Holidays!

KGO Lifetrak giveawayMichael Finney of San Francisco ABC-affiliate KGO News has a special segment on Friday where he features a cool product that viewers can receive for free.  Here he’s talking about the LifeTrak activity monitor, which is paired with Azumio‘s Argus health and wellness app.  The offer sold out within minutes, highlighting the demand for a quality, easy-to-use activity monitor with rich, actionable data that can be analyzed and easily viewed on your smartphone.  (This is the same activity monitor that Coach Harbaugh of the 49ers loves.)

While you can no longer get LifeTrak through this offer, you can still obtain it through their website, and as always, you can download Azumio’s Argus for free, anytime, at www.azumio.com/argus.

Check out Coach Harbaugh modeling the LifeTrak C300 smartwatch with Azumio’s Argus.  This seriously made our day, week, month, year.  Forever Faithful Niners!photo 1photo 2