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Dominic Johnson (Consort), Marc Campbell (Independent Comedy Network), Kathy Johnson (Consort) Hooray! Something for me to do that requires little effort but produces tangible results… I can now take little breaks from my day to enjoy a funny escape at the Independent Comedy Network. Today ICN launches a series of original and engaging shows that can be viewed at their website or at a number of other video sites including Blip.tv, Joost, MySpaceTV, DailyMotion and many others. I particularly enjoyed “2/8 Life” which is a spoof of the soon-to-premiere NBC show “Quarterlife.” I’ll admit to you I’ve never watched Quarterlife (it was originally a TV series that nobody picked up, then got shopped around to online video networks – that’s how it got picked up by MySpace… and now it’s back on the big screen… hmmm), but 2/8 Life is a truly engaging and humorous look into the lives of 20-somethings and provides an amusing insight into today’s hyper-connected community.

Marc Campbell of ICN knows what’s funny, but he also knows business, as he left investment banking to become a comedian (sounds like a start of a joke). That combination of serious business and funny business is a key to success for ICN, as they benefit from connections to popular comedy venues (including the Westside Eclectic – founded by Marc). Plus, you can just tell Marc is a good guy from the picture above.

Do check out Independent Comedy Network and also scope out the news section of our Consort site, as ICN has garnered some nice mentions in several news sites and blogs.