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Anniversary’s are a time to celebrate and FreedomPop chose to commemorate the occasion by introducing their first ever FreedomPop-branded mobile device and a price designed to make it affordable to the broadest audience as possible.  Check out the release and highlights of the resulting coverage below.

Liberty-SetUpLOS ANGELES, CA – October 1, 2014 – Celebrating FreedomPop’s one year anniversary of the world’s first completely free mobile service with free voice, text and data, the company continues its mission to bring free mobile to the masses with the introduction of its first FreedomPop-branded devices, all priced under $100 MSRP.

The device shipping today is the FreedomPop Liberty, a 6.7-inch, 4GB Android phablet with wi-fi at $89 MSRP.  Coming in the next month is the FreedomPop Frenzy, a 10-inch, 4GB LTE Android tablet at $99; followed by an $89 LTE Android phone in the coming months; and an expansion of its high-end devices including the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3 that will retail for almost half of the current MSRP available today.

The FreedomPop Liberty, FreedomPop’s entry level phablet, is larger than the Apple iPhone 6 Plus (6.7 inches for FreedomPop versus 5.5 inches for Apple) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (5.7 inches), yet retails for a fraction of the price (FreedomPop Liberty with free voice and text at $89 versus $749 for Apple iPhone 6 Plus with 16GB, without contract, or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on AT&T at $664.99 without contract).  The FreedomPop Liberty was kept wi-fi-only to ensure the lowest price, but users looking to roam over cellular can bundle a FreedomPop hotspot with 500 MBs free data per month for a one-time cost of $49.

“While Apple and Samsung battle at the high end of the phablet market with the iPhone 6 Plus and Note 4 costing more than $600, FreedomPop is ensuring that anyone can get the same super-sized experience at a super-affordable price,” said Steven Sesar, FreedomPop’s COO. “We are focused on bringing low cost devices to accompany free mobile service to ensure no one is left behind.”

All devices come with FreedomPop’s 100 percent free text and voice service giving users 200 voice minutes and 500 texts free each month.

Sesar added, “FreedomPop will continue to sell its current product line of third-party phones and tablets with voice, text and data capabilities, but today marks the first step toward FreedomPop’s own low cost, private-labeled devices designed with our customers in mind.”

FreedomPop’s appeal spans users who want a low-cost way to access the mobile Internet through to users looking for an affordable, high-end device with free voice, data and text – either as a primary device or “+1”.

To order a FreedomPop Liberty, Frenzy, or any of the family of mobile devices, and to sign up for the FreedomPop service now, go to freedompop.com/liberty.
















S4-White-Frost_SetUp_3_ContactsFreedomPop also launches new OTT (over-the-top) Android app that provides free calls, texts and voicemail to the millions of U.S. Android device users

FreedomPop, America’s free mobile service company, today announced its official shift to Sprint’s LTE network with the launch of its LTE phone lineup including the Samsung Victory, Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy S4. All new LTE devices will come with the same free service that hundreds of thousands of Americans already enjoy, which includes 500 MB of data, 200 voice calls and 500 texts free each month.

In addition, the company also announced the launch of its new “Unlimited Everything” plan for $20 per month providing unlimited talk, text and data. Free tethering will also be included on all new LTE phones so that they can easily and affordably be used as hotspots as well. After 1GB of data has been used for the month, LTE speeds will be limited to 3G speeds.

The company also announced the launch of its free, over-the-top (OTT) communications app on Android. The app allows any android user to take advantage of FreedomPop’s free voice and text services, while providing a new phone number, voice calls and texts – free. It is also the first OTT app that will allow users to port an existing number. Get the new Android app here http://fpop.co/app.

“Now that we have complete access to the most expansive wireless network, we are able to fully upgrade our device portfolio to the high-end smartphones that our customers want,” said Steven Sesar, FreedomPop’s COO.

The high-end Samsung smartphones join the growing list of mobile phones and devices available to FreedomPop users since its launch including the iPhone 5 and a number of other Android smartphones and wifi hotspots. To order one of the newly offered Samsung phones on FreedomPop and to sign up for service now, go to http://www.freedompop.com

Coverage Highlights

Free phone service FreedomPop unveils $20 ‘Unlimited’ plan
By Lance Whitney
May 22, 2014

Sprint MVNO FreedomPop launches $20 LTE plan, adds Samsung phones to lineup
By Phil Goldstein
May 22, 2014

FreedomPop Expands LTE, Adds Unlimited Everything Plan
By Joseph Pelanchar
May 22, 2014

FreedomPop joins the ranks of carriers offering limited “unlimited” data plans
By Kevin Fitchard
May 22, 2014

$20 FreedomPop ‘Unlimited Everything’ plan includes 1GB of Sprint LTE, limits
By Zach Honig
May 22, 2014

The Next Web
FreedomPop approaches 250000 subscribers for its free mobile service
By Josh Ong
May 23, 2014

FreedomPop Adds Three LTE Samsung Phones to Lineup
By Eric Zeman
May 22, 2014

FreedomPop Launches $20 Unlimited Everything Plan, LTE Phones, Android App
By Ben Munson
May 22, 2014

FreedomPop unveils new LTE phones, unlimited mobile plan
By Joan E.
May 22, 2014

You Can Now Get Totally Free Voice, Texts, and Data on a Galaxy S4
By Ashley Feinberg
May 22, 2014

FreedomPop Adds LTE Phones To Arsenal
By Jeff Baumgartner
May 22, 2014

FreedomPop Unveils Free Voice And Text App, New $20 ‘Unlimited’ Plan With Access To Sprint LTE, And More
By Bert King
May 22, 2014

iphone5_setup2LOS ANGELES, CA – April 29, 2014 – FreedomPop, America’s fastest growing mobile service company, today introduced the first free mobile service plans for the Apple iPhone. FreedomPop, which launched the world’s only free mobile phone service late last year on select Android devices, is now adding the popular iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models to its growing portfolio of smartphone service plans. The company also announced the launch of its new iOS app, FreedomPop Free Voice and Text, which will provide any iOS device user free voice, text and voicemail.

“With iPhones now making up almost 50 percent of the US smartphone market and their users burdened by expensive service plans, supporting iOS is a top priority for us,” said Steven Sesar, COO of FreedomPop. “Adding the iPhone and launching our iOS app allows us to deliver our free service to a market desperate for a break from high-cost plans.”
Since launching its free mobile service plan, FreedomPop has experienced a momentous response, signing up hundreds of thousands of new customers. The company also offers customers the ability to bring their own device, and is continually adding eligible phones to its device portfolio, including the iPhone 4 and 5 models announced today. FreedomPop will sell the iPhone 5 directly through its website for $349. Customers can bring their existing iPhone 4 device and activate on the website upon signing up for service. Both devices are offered the same low-cost, disruptive pricing plans as its other smartphones. The free plan will include 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MBs of data per month. Unlimited voice, text and data plans will start at under $5 per month.
With the launch of its new iOS app, FreedomPop allows any iPhone user stuck in an existing contract to save hundreds of dollars per year by downgrading their voice plans and leveraging FreedomPop’s free voice and text service directly from their existing phone. Today, any iPhone, iPad or iPod user can download FreedomPop’s new communication app, which provides free calls, texts and voicemail. Customers also have the option to port their existing number to FreedomPop or select a new one. For the new iOS app, visit our page on the iTunes store (http://fpop.co/ios).
To order the iPhone 5 or activate your current iPhone 4 on FreedomPop and to sign up for service now, go to www.FreedomPop.com/iphone

Here are some of the articles that appeared around the news:

CNN Money
Virtual operator FreedomPop brings its freemium service to the iPhone
April 29, 2014

WFTV – Clark Howard Show
Smartphone and Data Plan Guide for 2014
By Clark Howard
May 1, 2014


FreedomPop to Sell First Apple Devices, Offering iPhone 5 With Its Free and Low-Cost Plans
By Ina Fried
April 28, 2014

USA Today
FreedomPop goes to China to upend U.S. smartphone market
By John Shinal
April 28, 2014

USA Today
Smartphone refurbishing is going mainstream
By John Shinal
April 28, 2014

PC Magazine
FreedomPop Adds iPhone to Lineup
By Chloe Albenesius
April 29, 2014

Free iPhone use? FreedomPop proves it’s possible
By Don Reisinger
April 29, 2014

Virtual operator FreedomPop brings its freemium service to the iPhone
By Kevin Fitchard
April 29, 2014

FreedomPop’s free mobile service comes to the iPhone
By Roberto Baldwin
April 28, 2014

FreedomPop Unveils New Free iPhone Voice, Text, and Data Plans
By Alan Henry
April 29, 2014

You can now use the iPhone for free, as long as you don’t mind old gear
By Jon Fingas
April 29, 2014

Get Free Data, Talk and Text When You Buy an iPhone from FreedomPop –
By Bill Snyder
April 29, 2014

FreedomPop announces free voice and data plans for iPhone
By Jason O’Grady
April 29, 2014

Now You Can Get Totally Free Voice, Texts, and Data on Your iPhone
By Jamie Condliffe
April 29, 2014

FreedomPop to sell refurbished LTE iPhone 5 for $349
By Mike Dano
April 28, 2014

FreedomPop to sell refurbished LTE iPhone 5 for $349
By Mike Dano
April 28, 2014

Light Reading
FreedomPop Gets LTE iPhone, Free iOS App
By Dan Jones
April 28, 2014

FreedomPop Extends Free And Low-Cost Service To iPhones
By Joseph Palenchar
April 29, 2014

You can now get completely free calling, texting and data on your iPhone
By Zach Epstein
April 29, 2014

FreedomPop adds iPhone 5, taps into Sprint’s LTE network
By Dan Meyer
April 29, 2014

FreedomPop offering iPhone on free service plan
April 29, 2014

FreedomPop launches refurbished iPhone 5 on its calling plans
By Shane McGlaun
April 29, 2014

Overnight Recap: MacBook Air Price Cut, FreedomPop iPhone, Re/code Event
By J.R. Bookwalter
April 29, 2014

9to5 Mac
FreedomPop now supports iPhone 4/5 on its free wireless plans, launches iOS app for free voice & text
By Jordan Kahn
April 28, 2014

FreedomPop Adds iPhone 5, iPhone 4 To Its Free No-Contract Plans
By Joe White
April 29, 2014

Paofit London 3

The world’s greatest marathon goes digital next year as runners everywhere in the world are invited to line up on a virtual start line at 10:00 on Sunday, April 26, 2015 to run the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon.

The Virgin Money London Marathon, in partnership with Paofit, has created a unique interactive 3D running experience that combines HD video of the famous London course with virtual reality avatars, making the unique experience of running the London Marathon available to treadmill runners everywhere.

“Imagine lining up in Greenwich and hearing the cheers of the crowd as you run past the famous London landmarks of the CuttySark, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace to the finish on The Mall, experiencing the unique atmosphere of the day without ever leaving your home or gym,” says Race Director Hugh Brasher.

Paofit iPad1Participating runners will download the Paofit app to an iPad(iPhone shortly and Android later in the year) and set it on a treadmill.The vibration generated by running on the treadmill makes the course ahead speed up, slow down or come to a complete stop, reflecting the runner’s step count. Runners will see their own running avatar and the avatars of the other participants in real-time and can overtake – or be overtaken – on screen.

Runners using Life Fitness Track+ or Discover console treadmills will experience the treadmill incline as it automatically matches the real terrain of the course on the video.Runners can participate as individuals or as a relay team.

The new technology was demonstrated today (Friday) at the Virgin Money London Marathon Expo in the ExCeL centre as runners tried out the Digital Showcase experience which features four miles of the London course.

“Over the years, nearly two million people have been unable to get a place in London Marathon through our ballot,” says Brasher. “Now, with our digital partners Paofit, we are opening the greatest marathon in the world to treadmill runners, everywhere. We hope it will inspire many more runners to take up the marathon challenge and, by doing so, raise even more money for charitable causes.”

“The Digital Virgin Money London Marathon will make the world’s greatest marathon accessible to people across the world, 365 days of the year,” says Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group.

“Paofit is the first and only company to combine HD video of running courses with virtual reality avatars to make treadmill running fun and social,” says Marc Hardy, CEO of Paofit. “We’re excited to be able to give any indoor runner the chance to experience the course, from novice runners to experienced racers.”

To register for the 2015 Digital Virgin Money London Marathon, visit www.digitallondonmarathon.com . Full registration information will be sent out later in the year.

Try it out now! Log on to www.paofit.com to download the app and a free sample of one mile of the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon course.

Runner’s World
Run the Virtual London Marathon
April 11, 2014

BBC Sport
London Marathon launches ‘Digital Marathon’
April 11, 2014

Virtual reality opens London Marathon to all
April 11, 2014

Huffington Post
Now You Can Run the London Marathon From Your Treadmill, Thanks to Virtual Reality
April 11, 2014

Inside the Games
Guaranteed entry for the London Marathon – through virtual reality
April 11, 2014

Runner’s Web
Athletics: Virgin Money London Marathon Goes Digital
April 11, 2014

The Malaysian Insider
Virtual reality opens London Marathon to all
April 11, 2014

‘Virtual reality’ London Marathon coming in 2015
By Stu White
April 12, 2014

MedCity News
Travel the world on a treadmill (and beat the boredom) with a virtual reality exercise app
By Deanna Polgorelc
April 11, 2014


Azumio is a real pioneer in the health and wellness category.  Last year they announced a cool app that essentially transformed an iPhone into a Fitbit, for free.  Here is a snapshot of the coverage we generated, including a nice print piece in The New York Times, plus big stories in Reuters, USA Today, and several broadcast hits.

We generated all this without breaking a sweat, as most of us are athletic anyway 😉


HTC_EVO_4G_FP_shine.pngFreedomPop’s launch of the Freedom Phone in October, response was “off the hook” as demand flooded the company and they sold out of their inventory in 24 hours.  The team worked furiously to deliver more options to consumers who wanted to bring their cell phones to zero and today they announced a “bring your own phone” plan that allows owners of select Sprint phones to join the FreedomPop network to enjoy the benefits of free voice, data and text.

In addition, the company is now offering a $99 HTC Evo 4G which also comes with a lifetime of free voice, text and data.

Below is a snapshot of some of the coverage around the announcement this morning, with more stories expected to be coming soon.

Congratulations to the FreedomPop team!

FreedomPop Sample Coverage:

FreedomPop Plans to bring Cheap Calling Service to the iPhone
By Parmy Olson
November 19, 2013
Fast Company
These Smartphones can now get free talk, text and data thanks to FreedomPop
By Pranav Dixit
November 19, 2013
Got an old Sprint phone? FreedomPop will activate it under its freemium plans
By Kevin Fitchard
November 19, 2013
A New Use for old Sprint Phones
November 19, 2013
PC Magazine
FreedomPop Launches Free Phone Service With Sprint Phones
By Sascha Segan
November 19, 2013
10 Old Sprint Phones Can Now Get Totally Free Voice, Texts, and Data
By Eric Limer
November 19, 2013
FreedomPop now lets you use old Sprint phones on its free mobile service
By Josh Ong
November 19, 2013
Wireless Week
FreedomPop intros bring your own phone option
By Ben Munson
November 19, 2013
FreedomPop now lets you bring your own phone, offers $99 HTC Evo 4G
By Jon Fingas
November 19, 2013
FreedomPop expanding free wireless plan to all Sprint smartphones, iPhones included
By Jordan Khan
November 19, 2013
Mobile Magazine
How to Get Free Talk, Text and Data on Sprint Via FreedomPop BYOD
By Michael Kwan
November 19, 2013
Android Police
FreedomPop Now Lets You Activate Some Sprint Devices On Its Free Phone Service
By Ryan Whitwam
November 19, 2013
Android Guys
FreedomPop Debuts Bring your own phone plan, now offering HTC Evo 4G
By Scott Webster
November 19, 2013
Telecom Paper
FreedomPop launches “Bring your own phone” initiative
November 19, 2013
Bring your own phone to FreedomPop, get free service
By Jared Newman
November 19, 2013
Hot Hardware
FreedomPop Expands Free Smartphone Plan Offerings, Bring Your Own Sprint Phone
By Seth Colaner
November 19, 2013
Android Authority
FreedomPop introduces new BYOD plan: gives you free voice, text and data
By Andrew Grush
November 19, 2013
Phone Dog
FreedomPop now supports old Sprint phones on free service plan, also selling HTC EVO 4G
Alex Wagner
November 19, 2013
FreedomPop Brings Free Calls, Text, And Data To Your Old Sprint Phone
By Dan Seitz
November 19, 2013
Use your old Sprint phone with FreedomPop’s free phone service
By Brad Linder
By November 19, 2013
My Android Chief
FreedomPop Introduces New BYOD Plan: Gives You Free Voice, Text And Data
By November 19, 2013
FreedomPop Starts Allowing Older Sprint Phones
By Karl Bode
November 19, 2013

Gogobot Tribes - MainWhen searching for the perfect hotel, destination or activity during a holiday, a five-star rating might look appealing – but how to know if those five stars were assigned by a luxury traveler or a budget traveler? Or was a destination lowly rated because penny-pinching backpackers repeatedly snubbed the same place that a business or luxury traveler loved?

Knowing the context of a rating makes all the difference, which is why Gogobot (www.gogobot.com), the world leader in personalized trip planning, today announces the launch of Gogobot Tribes – an intelligent new way for travelers to discover experiences based on their personal tastes and interests, without the need to sift through piles of reviews that may or may not be relevant.

With Gogobot Tribes, a visitor to Gogobot.com or Gogobot’s mobile applications can define their own personal travel style (e.g. “I am a Family Traveler, love Art & Design, and am traveling on a Budget”) and then instantly explore any destination through that lens, allowing them to cut through the clutter to find the places most recommended by travelers like them. For example, Gogobot users planning a family trip to Paris could set their lens to skip over the advice of nightlife lovers and find recommendations on hotels, attractions and restaurants from other parents. A student traveler heading to New York City can get ideas for accommodations, bars, and restaurants from other budget travelers without the distraction of luxury recommendations from vacationers accustomed to breaking the bank. Likewise, outdoor enthusiasts heading to San Francisco can filter for the advice of fellow nature lovers to skip the bustle and find the best hiking trails and pastoral vistas inSan Francisco. With Tribes, users benefit from the authentic voices of real people who share their passions, from a Portlandlocal and Foodie like Francis Nguyen to credible experts, such Food Network icon Giada de Laurentiis or Los Angeles ChefSascha Lyon for Foodies.

Tribes factors in your numerous interests, so if you are a budget traveler, a family traveler, and a foodie interested in spending Christmas in Miami, Gogobot Tribes takes into account your various self-selected Tribes styles to provide recommendations that will please your kids, palate and pocketbook.

“Most travelers are multi-faceted individuals, with varied tastes and interests, but traditional travel sites treat us like we are all the same,” said Gogobot CEO and co-founder Travis Katz. “Gogobot Tribes embraces this diversity and uses it to help travelers zero in on the things that matter most to them. Unlike other sites, Gogobot doesn’t let varied reviews cancel each other out, which often results in a meaningless list of the obvious. More than a year and a half in the making, Gogobot Tribes now changes the way travelers can conduct a search, delivering relevant and trusted results that are as broad or as niche as a traveler requires.”

When users log in, they can define themselves as part of any combination of the following Tribe categories:  Adventure Travelers, Art and Design Lovers, Backpackers, Budget Travelers, Business Travelers, Family Travelers, Foodies, Green Travelers, History Buffs, LGBT, Local Culture, Luxury Travelers, Nightlife Lovers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Spiritual Seekers, Students, Trendsters, Vegetarian and Wellness. Gogobot will continue to add with more specific Tribes to address even more specialized interests.

With more than 580,000 reviews, Gogobot recently overtook Travelocity to become one of the largest providers of travel reviews online, and has seen its traffic more than quintuple over the past 12 months, according to the most recent comScore figures.

Gogobot for iPhone and iPod Touch is available for free from the App Store at:http://itunes.apple.com/app/gogobot/id459590827.

And for Android at Google Play at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gogobot.gogodroid

For more information, go to http://www.gogobot.com.

About Gogobot
Gogobot is where people who love to travel share their insider tips and access the travel advice of friends and others to discover, plan and book the perfect trip. By connecting via Facebook and/or Twitter, users receive a personalized list of travel recommendations and can share their experiences across their social networks. Users can book a hotel, vacation rental or restaurant directly through the site via partners including Expedia, Homeaway, Booking.com, Kayak, Priceline and OpenTable.

Founded in November 2010 by Travis Katz and Ori Zaltzman, Gogobot has raised $19 million from leading venture investors, including Battery Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and Innovation Endeavors. Gogobot is headquartered in Silicon Valley,California, and also has an office in London.

KGO Lifetrak giveawayMichael Finney of San Francisco ABC-affiliate KGO News has a special segment on Friday where he features a cool product that viewers can receive for free.  Here he’s talking about the LifeTrak activity monitor, which is paired with Azumio‘s Argus health and wellness app.  The offer sold out within minutes, highlighting the demand for a quality, easy-to-use activity monitor with rich, actionable data that can be analyzed and easily viewed on your smartphone.  (This is the same activity monitor that Coach Harbaugh of the 49ers loves.)

While you can no longer get LifeTrak through this offer, you can still obtain it through their website, and as always, you can download Azumio’s Argus for free, anytime, at www.azumio.com/argus.

Gogobot Android app featured locations shotGogobot, the place where millions of passionate travelers provide insider tips on the world’s best destinations, today announced the long-awaited launch of its mobile application for Android devices. The Android app joins the iPhone in the Gogobot app lineup, extending the range of mobile offerings for its social network of travelers. Like the iOS version, the Android app allows Gogobot users to search and book hotels, restaurants and things to do in more than 60,000 destinations worldwide.

“Every day, a million new users power up an Android device for the first time,” said Gogobot CEO and co-founder Travis Katz. “And on Gogobot, 60 percent of all social interaction is done via mobile. With our new Android app, Gogobot has responded to the needs of avid travelers who are Android users with an experience uniquely tailored to maximize the device’s capabilities.”

Candy Crush Saga is already a huge hit on Facebook with over 5 million daily active users – in fact, it’s the largest non-Zynga game on Facebook.  So, clearly, a lot of people think the game is pretty sweet.  Today, King.com made the game available on all iOS devices – iPhones, iPads (biggie and mini), and iPods – and within hours its risen to the top of the charts (according to iOSAppstats.com), owning the #1 free iPad App ranking for all genres in the US.  If that’s not delicious, I don’t know what is!

Download the game from iTunes here https://itunes.apple.com/app/candy-crush-saga/id553834731

Check out the game on Facebook here https://apps.facebook.com/candycrush/

It’s that time of the year when you might be thinking about losing a couple of inches, or eating a bit healthier, or making that date-night promise a reality.  Well, sometimes a little peer pressure is the secret to accomplishing goals.  NBC’s Los Angeles affiliate spotlighted Astrid, the best social productivity app you’ll find for your smartphone.  Make a list of the things you want to do and invite your friends, colleagues, and/or family to give you props or smack downs.  I like to use it as a friendly reminder for my peeps.  Saves me from doing the dirty work and makes us all look good.  Give it a spin at Astrid.com or follow them at @weloveastrid

With more than 2.5 million downloads on Android, today Astrid brings its leading social productivity app to the iPhone.  Astrid lets you update your To Do lists via email, text and voice as it provides you with statistics on the whether your tasks are active, completed, inspiring others to finish a job or simply something you’ve supported with comments.

I’m so excited, as I can now use Astrid to gently poke and prod my peeps with Astrid’s playful reminders that will make the team smile as they get things done (I’m sure they’ll enjoy it more than my barrage of emails at all hours of the day and night).  You see, it’s one thing to set up your own to-do list.  But it’s another thing when you also rely on others to get things done.  Have you reviewed that press release yet?  Queued it up on PR Newswire?  Have you guys pitched the release to x, y, and z?  Now I can set up my list of To Do’s for the team and see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.  Of course, the team can also see when I’ve been slacking off and falling behind on my list as well (hmmm, better make this post short as I gotta get back to my Astrid list…).

Astrid is backed by Google Ventures, Jump Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners and is available at www.astrid.com.  Follow them on Twitter at @weloveastrid.

Photographer: Frank C. Müller

Image via Wikipedia

Calling all hustlers, hackers and entrepreneurs – you’re invited to the Fleetly Startup Challenge

While we all love working at a startup and enjoy trying to make a difference in the world, we know it’s challenging and sometimes all consuming. As Paul Graham said, “what a startup (bootstrapped or not) takes is 100% of your performance, not 100% of your time. And optimizing for performance means spending some time on maintenance.” So here’s our chance to get the startup community in shape, have a little competitive fun, and promote a good cause.

The details:

  • Competition runs from October 25th to December 15th
  • Register in teams of 2-6 people on Fleetly (if you’re bigger than that, make more teams)
  • Log all exercises and workouts for points
  • The team with the most points at the end wins $500 being given in their name to Right to Play, a charity that improves the lives of children in disadvantaged areas through the power of sport.

There are going to be a few extra prizes for the winners, as well as something for all the teams that pass a set threshold, (Fleetly is keeping that secret for now) so get out there do some push-ups and go for a run in the park before the snow starts falling.

Fleetly also would like to encourage everyone to help make that $500 donation turn into a $2,000 donation by adding to the prize money on our Right to Play fundraiser site, which you can link to through the challenge page. They know many startups are bootstrapped right now but this really is a great organization that is making a big difference in people’s lives.

Sign up your team now Fleetly Startup Challenge

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In today’s Inside Social Games, King’s MAU (Monthly Average Users) and DAU (Daily Average Users) for newly launched Miner Speed are illustrated, showing a fantastic growth curve.  The game was just released on the iOS as a free app just last week, so these numbers are especially impressive.

The social games industry is moving more towards the cross-platform approach, yet few if any have been able to successfully bridge the divides.  With these results, King is proving they are onto something.  Puzzle Saga, Bubble Saga, Miner Speed and King’s games portal all occupyed spots in the weekly lists of top 20 games by growth on AppData in the last month.  I’m excited to see what’s next!

Today, leading social games company, King.com, announced the launch of Miner Speed on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the first mobile game within King’s new cross-platform approach. In the new mobile app, users will be able to play with friends via Facebook Connect, or offline to hone their skills for tournament gameplay on Facebook or King.com.

Additional games will be announced in the coming months across the iOS and Android operating systems for both mobile and tablet devices.

Miner Speed is an addictive game that challenges users to switch the jewels to increase their multiplier by making big combinations. Users that quickly match as many jewels as they can, have the best chance of getting the highest score possible.

Miner Speed for iOS is free and can be downloaded at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/miner-speed/id423520924?mt=8.

To become a part of the King.com community and get a taste of some of the world’s most popular games, please visit www.king.com or http://apps.facebook.com/king_com/.

The image above shows what happened to test subjects when they were exposed to a cell phone receiving a call for 50 minutes.  A portion of their brain became more active; burning more energy. What does this mean to us?

“We have no idea what this means yet or how it works,” said neuroscientist Nora Volkow of the National Institutes of Health. “But this is the first reliable study showing the brain is activated by exposure to cellphone radio frequencies.”

Hmm, that doesn’t sound reassuring.  A few weeks ago, I was commuting on the SF to Larkspur Ferry and sat across from a lawyer who was working on a class-action lawsuit against cell phone providers to require them to disclose the amount of radiation we were exposed to on each phone.  He said the iPhone was particularly dangerous, as the antennae issue meant that the phone was struggling to receive a signal more often than not, which meant it was working harder, which meant our gray matter was ingesting more radiation.

Brain imaging physicist Dardo Tomasi of Brookhaven National Laboratory, who co-authored the new brain-scan-based work, to be published Feb. 23 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed radiation emitted from a cellphone’s antenna during a call makes nearby brain tissue use 7 percent more energy.  Apparently, that’s several times less activity than visual brain regions show during an engaging movie, but Mr. Tomasi goes on to state:

“The effect is very small, but it’s still unnatural. Nature didn’t prepare our brains for this.”

Sounds like a very good reason to invest in a headset to keep those rays further away from your brain, and while you’re at it, maybe it’s a good idea to occasionally unplug and put that thing into “airplane mode” at night to ensure your insides aren’t swaying to the sounds of the “dit ditta dit ditta dit” that you hear when you’re phone is next to radio.

Live long and prosper.

Sure, I’m on Facebook and Twitter – they are both indispensible to my social media life.  But there are times when I’d simply like to share photos with a few friends in a single, collaborative place.  Like when I attend a birthday party and there are 10 people taking photos, including me, but I only end up seeing everyone else’s pics after they’ve uploaded them to Facebook or Flickr or Twitter or whereever and I have to track them down like an online treasure hunt.  Well, track no more!  Now I can set up a collaborative album on the fly, invite my friends, and all those great mug shots end up in one live – private – photostream with Cooliris‘ LiveShare 1.2.  Very very cool.  Because there are times when I want to share like a hyperactive ninja.  And there are times when I want to share with an inner circle of real – hyperpersonal – relationships.
Get LiveShare for free on iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 7, or check it out online at www.liveshare.com.

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I’ve been following a Runner’s World plan to run a sub 4 hour marathon for the past 14 weeks, as I made it into the ING New York Marathon via the lottery system (first time I applied – beginner’s luck!).

I’ve been testing out a variety of apps and gadgets to help keep me on track and motivated.

Here is my list of mission critical tools for runner’s who also enjoy technology:

  1. Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Watch: I love this thing and can’t live without it.  It keeps track of my distance, laps, time, pace, and more.  I also have the accompaning heart rate monitor, but I don’t use that.  Instead, I rely on my watch to keep track of the stats I care about, and then upload them into my PC after each run so I can see how I’m progressing.  I also use it to input key data into DailyMile (more on that later).
  2. Nike Boom: I love the audible motivations (or, what they call “Attaboys”) this iPhone app delivers into my ear.  While it’s geared for atheletes playing football, basketball, or hockey, I enjoy the variety of players and coaches from around the US that tell you things like “This ain’t about being flashy. Aint no second chances up a hill. Aint no do overs either.  You know what time it is?  It’s time to leave nothing!” from DeSean Jackson.
  3. Nike+:  Pre-installed on my iPhone 3GS, this app also provides audibles letting you know how far you’ve run.  It’s not as accurate as the Garmin device, but I do like to hear the mile markers in my ear, and also like the countdown at the end, starting at 400 meters to go.  When you’ve reached a major milestone, you’ll also be treated to Lance Armstrong, Paula Radcliffe or other sporting superstars offering you congratulations.  Awesome!
  4. DailyMile:  It’s like Facebook for runners.  You can upload your workout data from your Garmin or Nike+, or input it manually.  Then you can see how other runners have fared and leave comments and motivations.  I have a small group of peeps I’ve been following and have derived inspiration – some are running the NYC Marathon as well, so maybe I’ll even meet them in person.
  5. Facebook:  Using DailyMile to populate my status update on Facebook (and Twitter), I’ve had my spirits lifted and my confidence bouyed by friends who have seen my log come through the airwaves.  I’ve even had my cousin Sheila’s second grade class give me some good vibes through a Get Well Dance during recess.  Now that’s some serious motivation!
  6. Twitter:  As mentioned above, when my DailyMile stats are Tweeted, I often get feedback from some of my Twitter friends giving me kudos or advise. I’m also now keeping track of the conversations about the marathon by watching the official hashtag #ingnycm

Now if there were only an app that would heal my cranky ITB, I’d be in business…

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2009 was the year of breakthrough technology-inspired hits like Twitter and Facebook that allowed individuals from all walks of life to communicate, share and publish to the world.  News and updates ricocheted from one person to another or an entire nation or country in a matter of seconds.  I myself was caught up in a situation where I was at the scene of a murder-suicide in the Ft. Lewis PX and once I knew I was safe, I Tweeted about it (albeit I could hardly type from the massive flow of adrenalin coursing through my body).  Within minutes, a flurry of Tweets came back to me asking of my safety.  Retweets ensued.  Then the media jumped in – calls from CNN, NBC, The Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune and more.  They had all seen the Twitter conversation and wanted to get first-hand knowledge of what occurred at the scene.

It may be odd to say, but I confess it did make me feel better to receive messages of assurance from people I didn’t know.  And while the outlets for social media are becoming more a channel for marketing and pyramid schemes, there remains the ability to connect to humankind in meaningful ways that aren’t anchored in “get rich quick” or “work from home and make $1500 a day” pitches.

Power to the people

So, as for my predictions for 2010… I think there’s something to be said about the massive popularity of the Wedding Dance video and the pure, authentic joy that was palpable when we watched it.  The vulnerability of Susan Boyle as she shyly walked on stage and then belted out with the voice of an angel.  We’ve been living in hard times, burdened by joblessness, recession, foreclosures, and furloughs.  We are reminded of our failures and flaws.  And at the same time, we see how sometimes unadulterated greed and ambition actually nets monetary riches (but we always feel better when the “bad guy” gets nabbed!).  When we see people dancing with love and spirit, or we see the underdog succeed, we cheer and smile.  2010 will help us cheer and smile even more as we return back to the basics of human contact and passionate pursuits (art, food, music), enabled and empowered by technology.

Draw your own conclusions

Everyone is an artist.  You might not agree, but it’s probably because your teacher in second grade didn’t confirm your doodles were original, inspired art forms and they likely didn’t encourage you to continue doodling – everywhere and anywhere (okay, there was probably some merit to that admonition).  Now, while we’re not all artists at the level of Picasso or Warhol, there are many who have made fame and fortunes in galleries.  And with the popularity of websites like Etsy, ArtistaDay, TalentHouse and others, amateur and semi-pro artists have a wider forum to share and sell their creations – with or without gallery representation.  With more to express, more people will find different forms of art as outlets, leading to more communities of painters, poets, sculptors and sketchers.  There are even fantastic applications like Brushes on the iPhone that allows anyone to finger-paint a masterpiece, even while stuck in the middle of a packed bus.

Less is more

Twitter became a game of collecting followers.  Best illustrated by Ashton Kutcher’s campaign to get 1M followers, we secretly smiled whenever we got another 5 in one day.  We had fun exchanges with strangers who sometimes even became either virtual or real-life friends.  And now that many of us have a few followers, we’re looking for the connection with these folks.  Can I talk to them about my interest in growing kabocha squash?  Or will that automatically result in 200 less followers?  I know there’s a wealth of information out there in the group of Twitterers, but I don’t always want to spam the group with myNike+ running results and likewise don’t want to hear about somebody’s Mafia Wars score every 5 minutes either.  How do we cultivate relationships online and bring these masses into more bite-sized morsels to get greater satisfaction?  I don’t know how it will be achieved, but I’m sure somebody is on it.

Play it again, Sam

In addition to services like Last.FM, Rhapsody, MOG, Napster, Pandora and more, 2010 will finally see the US launch of Spotify, as well as the global launch of Rdio from the founders of Skype.  Music has always been a way for people to connect – sharing tastes and preferences for artists, genres, and hits.  It illuminates a side of one’s personality that isn’t evident on first glance.  Are you a progressive house fan?  A rocker?  Country, blues or jazz aficionado?   The questions on how to make cloud-based music work (i.e. profitable) for all constituents involved is a complicated matter, but consumers are ready to take tunes on the go – and not just the tunes they’ve purchased on the walled garden of iTunes.

One more time, with feeling

My general prediction for 2010 is a celebration of creativity.  Technologies that enable us to consume, create, and connect will surpass those that allow us to simply collect.

2010 will be the year of:  Creativity. Connection.  Authenticity.  Trust.  Sharing.

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The team descended upon GigaOm‘s Mobilize conference yesterday and was surprised to find the press attending had swollen to about 200, which is quite impressive given I heard the overall attendees were around 800.  Why so many press so suddenly?  Motorola announced a new phone at the conference called the Cliq, which utilizes Google‘s Android operating system.  The whizz factor of the phone is the visually stimulating screen packed with pictures and text bubbles that illustrate social media conversations come alive.

“I can’t imagine in five to seven years’ time, consumers not thinking of this” (cut to Motorola’s co-CEO Sanjay Jha shaking his phone at Om Malik, founder of GigaOm) “as their primary computer.”

I agreed with Jha.  I too believe the phone is heading in the direction of the PC and can’t wait for the day I can go through an airport security line and not have to lug out my behemoth Dell and then get electrocuted when I pick it up after it’s gone through the x-ray scan.

Another highlight of the day for us was supporting CEO of Flirtomatic, Mark Curtis, at the conference.  He spoke on the “Monetizing Mobile Apps” panel and had some great stats to share:

“A mobile user is 3 times more likely to spend money on our service than an internet user.”

“Mobile advertising has a great future ahead, but it’s currently only 25% of Flirtomatic’s current revenue.  Flirtomatic sells mobile advertising to it’s users so that users bid the most exposure on Flirtomatic. Flirtomatic gets the most exposure: 4x CPM on user-based-advertising vs brand-based advertising.”

When asked how do developers monetize mobile web apps, Mark responded:

“I think they need a 3-5 year plan. It’s possible to monetize mobile web apps, but it’s not easy.  “When the [carrier] revenue share on billing gets to a more reasaonable level, I’m going to be doing handsprings.”

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I’m a big Blackberry fan myself – I’m currently using a BlackBerry 8310.  But the camera is rather lame and my phone has been slowly dying – the USB synchronization no longer works (I can only sync my contacts through Bluetooth) and the volume has been fading out too, so I’m in the market for a replacement.  I was considering the iPhone, but then I heard a new version is coming out around the Apple Developers Conference in June.  I’ve also been feeling a bit reminiscent about the Palm – I loved my Palm Pilot but Palm eventually lost their way (and market share) and I haven’t even considered one of their phones until now (apparently, those that have played with the prototype think the new Pre is Awesome… yes, with a capital A).  And now, BlackBerry is following closely behind with the rumors of Onyx – although it apparently isn’t coming out until September and only on T-Mobile.  I don’t know if I can wait that long – so I’m looking forward to summer weather… and my new phone.  Whatever that will be.

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