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Induct snapshotJanuary was a busy month for Consort with launches and announcements from our clients to kick in the new year.  Three of us – Paul Brady, April Mayrath, and myself – were on hand at CES in Las Vegas for the launch of Induct’s Navia driverless vehicle.  When preparing for the announcement, our anticipation built, hoping to delight our client with significant coverage that would help them generate new business leads and elevate their presence in the world of autonomous vehicles.  We sat on pins and needles as our embargo time approached and breathed a collective sigh of relief when the first stories began to appear.  And then they kept coming – on TV, on radio, the internet, in print, in awards.  We were thrilled to see the smile our the faces of the Induct team as the media gathered around the Induct tent in the parking lot outside of CES.  Next to us was Bosch and down the way was Ford, but it seemed we had become the story to cover.  What an absolute honor.

Above is a snapshot of some of the stories.  To date, we’ve generated over 200 broadcast stories and over 2,000 online and print stories.  We were the happiest when our client told us this far exceeded their expectations.  Priceless.