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I’ve been following a Runner’s World plan to run a sub 4 hour marathon for the past 14 weeks, as I made it into the ING New York Marathon via the lottery system (first time I applied – beginner’s luck!).

I’ve been testing out a variety of apps and gadgets to help keep me on track and motivated.

Here is my list of mission critical tools for runner’s who also enjoy technology:

  1. Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Watch: I love this thing and can’t live without it.  It keeps track of my distance, laps, time, pace, and more.  I also have the accompaning heart rate monitor, but I don’t use that.  Instead, I rely on my watch to keep track of the stats I care about, and then upload them into my PC after each run so I can see how I’m progressing.  I also use it to input key data into DailyMile (more on that later).
  2. Nike Boom: I love the audible motivations (or, what they call “Attaboys”) this iPhone app delivers into my ear.  While it’s geared for atheletes playing football, basketball, or hockey, I enjoy the variety of players and coaches from around the US that tell you things like “This ain’t about being flashy. Aint no second chances up a hill. Aint no do overs either.  You know what time it is?  It’s time to leave nothing!” from DeSean Jackson.
  3. Nike+:  Pre-installed on my iPhone 3GS, this app also provides audibles letting you know how far you’ve run.  It’s not as accurate as the Garmin device, but I do like to hear the mile markers in my ear, and also like the countdown at the end, starting at 400 meters to go.  When you’ve reached a major milestone, you’ll also be treated to Lance Armstrong, Paula Radcliffe or other sporting superstars offering you congratulations.  Awesome!
  4. DailyMile:  It’s like Facebook for runners.  You can upload your workout data from your Garmin or Nike+, or input it manually.  Then you can see how other runners have fared and leave comments and motivations.  I have a small group of peeps I’ve been following and have derived inspiration – some are running the NYC Marathon as well, so maybe I’ll even meet them in person.
  5. Facebook:  Using DailyMile to populate my status update on Facebook (and Twitter), I’ve had my spirits lifted and my confidence bouyed by friends who have seen my log come through the airwaves.  I’ve even had my cousin Sheila’s second grade class give me some good vibes through a Get Well Dance during recess.  Now that’s some serious motivation!
  6. Twitter:  As mentioned above, when my DailyMile stats are Tweeted, I often get feedback from some of my Twitter friends giving me kudos or advise. I’m also now keeping track of the conversations about the marathon by watching the official hashtag #ingnycm

Now if there were only an app that would heal my cranky ITB, I’d be in business…

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This morning, my 93 year old friend passed away from colon cancer. She was a dear friend of mine, filled with wit, charm and positivity. Aside from colon cancer, she also had MS, so she was confined in a wheelchair. She had so loved to dance with her late husband and to host dinner parties at her home, so her paralysis could have debilitated her spirit, but instead, she said, “I can’t do anything about it, so I’m not going to worry about it.” She knew I was training for the NY Marathon and would occasionally ask me how far I had run. Last week, I told her about my 15 mile run and she shook her head in jest and said I was crazy. We laughed together.

In April of 2003, my father passed away from colon cancer. He was retired military and always had the stoic nature of a soldier. When he was 70 years old, he became the “Sit Up King” at Ft. Lewis, WA for completing 5,000 sit ups in one go. He was also the “Push Up King” for 500 pushups. He beat out all the young GIs. But the one thing he couldn’t beat was his cancer. He was diagnosed in January, and after a couple of operations, chemo and radiation, he took a quick turn for the worst and struggled as the cancer metastasized to his liver, lungs and bones.

Today I have decided to run for the colon cancer charity as I have been touched by this disease, which is one of the most common forms of cancer in the US. If you’re over 50, please ask your doctor about a colonoscopy, and if it runs in your family, ask your doctor if you need one earlier.

The last time I tried to run a marathon was March 2003. I was trying to train while I was my dad’s caregiver. I got half way through the LA Marathon and had to pull out in defeat. This year, I hope I can complete the NY Marathon for my dad, my friend, for anyone who has had, has, or will have cancer or knows somebody who will.

Please check out my charity page here and consider donating to this or one of the other charities http://www.crowdrise.com/katjohn


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