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While many have talked about the video gaming industry being recession proof, we’ve seen cracks in that assumption as EA‘s shares have been slumping as their holiday sales are falling short of their goals.  People definitely love to play games, but asking them to pay $40-$60 for a game, plus a console, plus monthly subscription fees can add up to a lot of hard earned cash.  What if there was a free game that was just as addictive and fun.  What if a 21-year old university student cobbled a game together in six weeks from his bedroom, using the wallpaper from his PC to serve as some of the graphics, then partnered with King.com to distribute the game.  That did indeed happen and in the first month the game went live, it was played 2 million times on over 1,000 sites, earning him a tidy sum while providing free fun for players worldwide.  The game is Hunted Forever and the developer is Evan Miller and last week, Hunted Forever was named one of Time Magazine’s top video games of 2008.  Others on the list are the usual suspects – Grand Theft Auto IV was ranked #1, Rock Band 2 was #4 and Spore was #10.  But ranking at #8 was the hottest game you’ve never heard of:  Hunted Forever.