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Gogobot Android app featured locations shotGogobot, the place where millions of passionate travelers provide insider tips on the world’s best destinations, today announced the long-awaited launch of its mobile application for Android devices. The Android app joins the iPhone in the Gogobot app lineup, extending the range of mobile offerings for its social network of travelers. Like the iOS version, the Android app allows Gogobot users to search and book hotels, restaurants and things to do in more than 60,000 destinations worldwide.

“Every day, a million new users power up an Android device for the first time,” said Gogobot CEO and co-founder Travis Katz. “And on Gogobot, 60 percent of all social interaction is done via mobile. With our new Android app, Gogobot has responded to the needs of avid travelers who are Android users with an experience uniquely tailored to maximize the device’s capabilities.”

In the world of social travel, Gogobot is flying high.  The company has grown 800% in the past 10 months to exceed 2 million users and has eclipsed its “social travel” competitors including Trippy, CouchSurfing, Wanderfly (acquired by TripAdvisor) and Tripbirds (according to AppData, Nov. 13, 2012).  Other competitors including gtrot, have taken a one way ticket to the dead pool, so while the market consolidates, Gogobot remains strong and is putting on the turbo chargers.

Speaking of which, this week Gogobot announced the integration of a suite of tools that give users the ability to reserve a table at a restaurant, get a street view of a location, and tap one of the most innovative hotel deal engines – all of which enhances what was already the most robust bundle of features in social travel.

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The team descended upon GigaOm‘s Mobilize conference yesterday and was surprised to find the press attending had swollen to about 200, which is quite impressive given I heard the overall attendees were around 800.  Why so many press so suddenly?  Motorola announced a new phone at the conference called the Cliq, which utilizes Google‘s Android operating system.  The whizz factor of the phone is the visually stimulating screen packed with pictures and text bubbles that illustrate social media conversations come alive.

“I can’t imagine in five to seven years’ time, consumers not thinking of this” (cut to Motorola’s co-CEO Sanjay Jha shaking his phone at Om Malik, founder of GigaOm) “as their primary computer.”

I agreed with Jha.  I too believe the phone is heading in the direction of the PC and can’t wait for the day I can go through an airport security line and not have to lug out my behemoth Dell and then get electrocuted when I pick it up after it’s gone through the x-ray scan.

Another highlight of the day for us was supporting CEO of Flirtomatic, Mark Curtis, at the conference.  He spoke on the “Monetizing Mobile Apps” panel and had some great stats to share:

“A mobile user is 3 times more likely to spend money on our service than an internet user.”

“Mobile advertising has a great future ahead, but it’s currently only 25% of Flirtomatic’s current revenue.  Flirtomatic sells mobile advertising to it’s users so that users bid the most exposure on Flirtomatic. Flirtomatic gets the most exposure: 4x CPM on user-based-advertising vs brand-based advertising.”

When asked how do developers monetize mobile web apps, Mark responded:

“I think they need a 3-5 year plan. It’s possible to monetize mobile web apps, but it’s not easy.  “When the [carrier] revenue share on billing gets to a more reasaonable level, I’m going to be doing handsprings.”

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Blackberry 8800 with Google Maps GPS
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I’ve been waiting for this feature for ages. I’ve been synchronizing my calendar between Google and my BlackBerry, but have been missing the ability to sync my contacts as well – especially because my BlackBerry now refuses to connect to my PC (some “unknown USB device” error…uff). While the iPhone gets all the cool apps, I’m happy to see we at least finally get the “basics.”

If you are like me and use a boring BlackBerry, here’s the link to the new version of Google sync with calendar and contacts:Google Sync for BlackBerry