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Danny Bonaduce talks about coComment on CNN Showbiz Tonight

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Danny Bonaduce (remember him from the Partridge Family) was just on CNN Showbiz Tonight and talked about how he uses coComment. Essentially, coComment allows him to remember all the places where he’s left comments (on websites) and he can also see who has commented on his comments. To put it another way – in real life, we make a statement about something, usually somebody else responds, and then we respond.. hence, a conversation. In the Internet, these exchanges are usually staccato – we make a comment, and then that’s it. We don’t know when somebody else writes a response or if the conversation sparks a life of it’s own. coComment solves this problem by bringing all these pieces together – just like a real life conversation. And for an opinionated guy like Danny Bonaduce (also a DJ on 97.1FM), keeping track of his conversations is a pretty important aspect of his job.

Also this week, Chris Nuttall of the Financial Times explored the rise of the commenter in his article, “Comment is freed from the blog stockade.

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