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Cooliris is sponsoring this year’s must-go party at SXSW, the Tech Cocktail Kickoff on Sunday, March 13th.  I’m looking forward to kicking up my heels in Austin!

Don’t forget to download the LiveShare by Cooliris app.  If you do and show it at the event, you may win prizes throughout the night and will have access to all the fabulous photos from the party.


Sure, I’m on Facebook and Twitter – they are both indispensible to my social media life.  But there are times when I’d simply like to share photos with a few friends in a single, collaborative place.  Like when I attend a birthday party and there are 10 people taking photos, including me, but I only end up seeing everyone else’s pics after they’ve uploaded them to Facebook or Flickr or Twitter or whereever and I have to track them down like an online treasure hunt.  Well, track no more!  Now I can set up a collaborative album on the fly, invite my friends, and all those great mug shots end up in one live – private – photostream with Cooliris‘ LiveShare 1.2.  Very very cool.  Because there are times when I want to share like a hyperactive ninja.  And there are times when I want to share with an inner circle of real – hyperpersonal – relationships.
Get LiveShare for free on iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 7, or check it out online at www.liveshare.com.

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