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I’m a big Blackberry fan myself – I’m currently using a BlackBerry 8310.  But the camera is rather lame and my phone has been slowly dying – the USB synchronization no longer works (I can only sync my contacts through Bluetooth) and the volume has been fading out too, so I’m in the market for a replacement.  I was considering the iPhone, but then I heard a new version is coming out around the Apple Developers Conference in June.  I’ve also been feeling a bit reminiscent about the Palm – I loved my Palm Pilot but Palm eventually lost their way (and market share) and I haven’t even considered one of their phones until now (apparently, those that have played with the prototype think the new Pre is Awesome… yes, with a capital A).  And now, BlackBerry is following closely behind with the rumors of Onyx – although it apparently isn’t coming out until September and only on T-Mobile.  I don’t know if I can wait that long – so I’m looking forward to summer weather… and my new phone.  Whatever that will be.

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Blackberry 8800 with Google Maps GPS
Image by asmythie via Flickr

I’ve been waiting for this feature for ages. I’ve been synchronizing my calendar between Google and my BlackBerry, but have been missing the ability to sync my contacts as well – especially because my BlackBerry now refuses to connect to my PC (some “unknown USB device” error…uff). While the iPhone gets all the cool apps, I’m happy to see we at least finally get the “basics.”

If you are like me and use a boring BlackBerry, here’s the link to the new version of Google sync with calendar and contacts:Google Sync for BlackBerry