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S4-White-Frost_SetUp_3_ContactsFreedomPop also launches new OTT (over-the-top) Android app that provides free calls, texts and voicemail to the millions of U.S. Android device users

FreedomPop, America’s free mobile service company, today announced its official shift to Sprint’s LTE network with the launch of its LTE phone lineup including the Samsung Victory, Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy S4. All new LTE devices will come with the same free service that hundreds of thousands of Americans already enjoy, which includes 500 MB of data, 200 voice calls and 500 texts free each month.

In addition, the company also announced the launch of its new “Unlimited Everything” plan for $20 per month providing unlimited talk, text and data. Free tethering will also be included on all new LTE phones so that they can easily and affordably be used as hotspots as well. After 1GB of data has been used for the month, LTE speeds will be limited to 3G speeds.

The company also announced the launch of its free, over-the-top (OTT) communications app on Android. The app allows any android user to take advantage of FreedomPop’s free voice and text services, while providing a new phone number, voice calls and texts – free. It is also the first OTT app that will allow users to port an existing number. Get the new Android app here http://fpop.co/app.

“Now that we have complete access to the most expansive wireless network, we are able to fully upgrade our device portfolio to the high-end smartphones that our customers want,” said Steven Sesar, FreedomPop’s COO.

The high-end Samsung smartphones join the growing list of mobile phones and devices available to FreedomPop users since its launch including the iPhone 5 and a number of other Android smartphones and wifi hotspots. To order one of the newly offered Samsung phones on FreedomPop and to sign up for service now, go to http://www.freedompop.com

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iphone5_setup2LOS ANGELES, CA – April 29, 2014 – FreedomPop, America’s fastest growing mobile service company, today introduced the first free mobile service plans for the Apple iPhone. FreedomPop, which launched the world’s only free mobile phone service late last year on select Android devices, is now adding the popular iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models to its growing portfolio of smartphone service plans. The company also announced the launch of its new iOS app, FreedomPop Free Voice and Text, which will provide any iOS device user free voice, text and voicemail.

“With iPhones now making up almost 50 percent of the US smartphone market and their users burdened by expensive service plans, supporting iOS is a top priority for us,” said Steven Sesar, COO of FreedomPop. “Adding the iPhone and launching our iOS app allows us to deliver our free service to a market desperate for a break from high-cost plans.”
Since launching its free mobile service plan, FreedomPop has experienced a momentous response, signing up hundreds of thousands of new customers. The company also offers customers the ability to bring their own device, and is continually adding eligible phones to its device portfolio, including the iPhone 4 and 5 models announced today. FreedomPop will sell the iPhone 5 directly through its website for $349. Customers can bring their existing iPhone 4 device and activate on the website upon signing up for service. Both devices are offered the same low-cost, disruptive pricing plans as its other smartphones. The free plan will include 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MBs of data per month. Unlimited voice, text and data plans will start at under $5 per month.
With the launch of its new iOS app, FreedomPop allows any iPhone user stuck in an existing contract to save hundreds of dollars per year by downgrading their voice plans and leveraging FreedomPop’s free voice and text service directly from their existing phone. Today, any iPhone, iPad or iPod user can download FreedomPop’s new communication app, which provides free calls, texts and voicemail. Customers also have the option to port their existing number to FreedomPop or select a new one. For the new iOS app, visit our page on the iTunes store (http://fpop.co/ios).
To order the iPhone 5 or activate your current iPhone 4 on FreedomPop and to sign up for service now, go to www.FreedomPop.com/iphone

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FreedomPop to sell refurbished LTE iPhone 5 for $349
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April 28, 2014

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Pet Rescue Saga was launched on mobile devices June 14th, allowing users to have the same great cross-platform experience they’ve come to enjoy with Candy Crush.

Tommy Palm, Games Guru of King, was at E3 along with Consort’s own Paul Brady, meeting with media to brief them on the news.  What follows are a few of the stories that appeared from their hard work in LA.

Congrats team!

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June 13, 2013
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June 13, 2013
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June 13, 2013


IMG_0525If you’re in San Francisco for the Games Developer Conference, you’ve probably seen King’s new branding in the JCDecaux kiosks and have seen the King candy mascots handing out Candy Crush Saga branded candy around the Moscone Center.  You probably have noticed King in the press lately too.

Last October, we threw a party at Bluxome Winery in San Francisco to celebrate the upcoming launch of Candy Crush Saga on mobile.  By November, the game was available on iOS, followed by Android a few days later.  Four months later, Candy Crush Saga is the Top Grossing App on iTunes.  Not only that, it is also the #1 app on Facebook – which means it’s not only the biggest game but it also is more popular than Spotify, Skype, etc.

King dropped the “dot.com” from their name as they are now a multi-platform company, not solely reliant on the web for usage.  Indeed, they now have more than 108 million monthly players on all platforms – desktop and mobile – and 50 million daily players.  With this growth, they are closing the gap on Zynga and people are noticing.

Check this sample of the huge amount of press they received:

Gogobot Android app featured locations shotGogobot, the place where millions of passionate travelers provide insider tips on the world’s best destinations, today announced the long-awaited launch of its mobile application for Android devices. The Android app joins the iPhone in the Gogobot app lineup, extending the range of mobile offerings for its social network of travelers. Like the iOS version, the Android app allows Gogobot users to search and book hotels, restaurants and things to do in more than 60,000 destinations worldwide.

“Every day, a million new users power up an Android device for the first time,” said Gogobot CEO and co-founder Travis Katz. “And on Gogobot, 60 percent of all social interaction is done via mobile. With our new Android app, Gogobot has responded to the needs of avid travelers who are Android users with an experience uniquely tailored to maximize the device’s capabilities.”

It’s that time of the year when you might be thinking about losing a couple of inches, or eating a bit healthier, or making that date-night promise a reality.  Well, sometimes a little peer pressure is the secret to accomplishing goals.  NBC’s Los Angeles affiliate spotlighted Astrid, the best social productivity app you’ll find for your smartphone.  Make a list of the things you want to do and invite your friends, colleagues, and/or family to give you props or smack downs.  I like to use it as a friendly reminder for my peeps.  Saves me from doing the dirty work and makes us all look good.  Give it a spin at Astrid.com or follow them at @weloveastrid

With more than 2.5 million downloads on Android, today Astrid brings its leading social productivity app to the iPhone.  Astrid lets you update your To Do lists via email, text and voice as it provides you with statistics on the whether your tasks are active, completed, inspiring others to finish a job or simply something you’ve supported with comments.

I’m so excited, as I can now use Astrid to gently poke and prod my peeps with Astrid’s playful reminders that will make the team smile as they get things done (I’m sure they’ll enjoy it more than my barrage of emails at all hours of the day and night).  You see, it’s one thing to set up your own to-do list.  But it’s another thing when you also rely on others to get things done.  Have you reviewed that press release yet?  Queued it up on PR Newswire?  Have you guys pitched the release to x, y, and z?  Now I can set up my list of To Do’s for the team and see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.  Of course, the team can also see when I’ve been slacking off and falling behind on my list as well (hmmm, better make this post short as I gotta get back to my Astrid list…).

Astrid is backed by Google Ventures, Jump Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners and is available at www.astrid.com.  Follow them on Twitter at @weloveastrid.

I like to take a lot of pictures so I often encounter an intimidating backlog of pictures I need to sort through.  Gah – who was that person in this shot again?  Did I send this to my peeps already, or not.  When your mind isn’t operating like a spring chicken, it’s nice to have technology come to the rescue.

Hooray for Viewdle’s Social Camera – the only way to tag friends in your mobile photos and share them instantly with Facebook, Flickr, MMW or email.

Tag photos of friends with your phone

Want to tag photos from your phone? SocialCamera is the only way to tag the mobile photos that you want to send to friends.  SocialCamera works with the Android camera, so you can take photos with built-in, instant tagging. It uses Viewdle’s advanced face recognition technology to identify the people you take photos of the most, and tag them for you.

Automatically share your photos

It only takes 1 click to share your tagged photos with friends through Facebook, Flickr, MMS, or email.  As you take photos, SocialCamera will create a faceprint of your friends, so you can automatically match their social contact info to their picture – your camera will know who to send your photos to.   Sharing photos on Facebook will automatically add them to a new album for your friends to see instantly.

Socialize with your photos

SocialCamera was created to start conversations with the phone on your camera. Faceprints of your friends will let you communicate back and forth, with photos.  Adding a caption to your photo will let you add a message or status to any email, MMS, Facebook post, or Flickr photo you tag.

Download SocialCamera in the Android App market for free here https://market.android.com/developer?pub=Viewdle.

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Today, leading social games company, King.com, announced the launch of Miner Speed on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the first mobile game within King’s new cross-platform approach. In the new mobile app, users will be able to play with friends via Facebook Connect, or offline to hone their skills for tournament gameplay on Facebook or King.com.

Additional games will be announced in the coming months across the iOS and Android operating systems for both mobile and tablet devices.

Miner Speed is an addictive game that challenges users to switch the jewels to increase their multiplier by making big combinations. Users that quickly match as many jewels as they can, have the best chance of getting the highest score possible.

Miner Speed for iOS is free and can be downloaded at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/miner-speed/id423520924?mt=8.

To become a part of the King.com community and get a taste of some of the world’s most popular games, please visit www.king.com or http://apps.facebook.com/king_com/.

Sure, I’m on Facebook and Twitter – they are both indispensible to my social media life.  But there are times when I’d simply like to share photos with a few friends in a single, collaborative place.  Like when I attend a birthday party and there are 10 people taking photos, including me, but I only end up seeing everyone else’s pics after they’ve uploaded them to Facebook or Flickr or Twitter or whereever and I have to track them down like an online treasure hunt.  Well, track no more!  Now I can set up a collaborative album on the fly, invite my friends, and all those great mug shots end up in one live – private – photostream with Cooliris‘ LiveShare 1.2.  Very very cool.  Because there are times when I want to share like a hyperactive ninja.  And there are times when I want to share with an inner circle of real – hyperpersonal – relationships.
Get LiveShare for free on iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 7, or check it out online at www.liveshare.com.

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