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Andrea has been a key part of our team this year, helping out on a number of our clients. I first met her at a Business 2.0 event back in February, through Mike Sigal of Guidewire Group. We exchanged contact details and then finally started working together in the summer. She’s been a big part of our team: joining us in Seattle for the Casual Games Conference where we presided over a party with King.com and Jeanette Lee (aka Black Widow of Billiards), managed contacts in San Diego for dimdim’s debute at DEMO Fall, supervised three companies at Techcrunch 40 in San Francisco, and was a partner-in-crime at various other events.

Andrea introduced us to Neuf, whom we’ve thoroughly enjoyed having on the team as well. Neuf immediately rolled up her sleeves and jumped in to help with several launches and ongoing outreach. She also immersed herself in the world of Web 2.0 with blazing speed.

While we were at DEMO Fall this year, we watched Heddi work the room and were impressed, to say the least. When we had a chance to work with her, we were absolutely thrilled. To say Heddi has energy is an understatement. She is creative, enthusiastic, smart and talented.

We first bumped into David at the Casual Games Conference in Seattle. His calm-cool demeanor reassured all around him but the sparkle in his eye let you know his mind was running 100 miles an hour. We found it auspicious when we bumped into him again at Techcrunch 40 and made it a goal to formally work with him. He’s the consummate pro – proactive, experienced, solid and smart.

Thanks so much to the core team for all their hard work, expertise, time, and collaboration. They’re all amazing people and we are honored to have had the chance to work with them this year.