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Yesterday, reQall launched their new product, reQall 2.0 which helps reduce a bit of the stress in our lives by offloading tasks, ideas, lists, assignments, and more.  How, you ask?  I’ve set up my mobile phone with a speed dial key that rings reQall.  Then, I tell reQall what I want to do – “Remind Dominic to buy me lots of fancy bling,” “Buy Riley more peanut-butter stuffed dog bones”, “change clocks ahead this Sunday”… you get my drift.  reQall then transcribes my voice into text and sends me a reminder at the right time.  It also intelligently categorizes my tasks – when I say “buy” it puts it into my shopping list, when I say “remind Dominic” it sends him a reminder vs me.  Pretty cool, huh?  And all just in time, as my birthday was yesterday and I forgot to buy more ginkgo biloba to help my aging memory.