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More than most entrepreneurs chasing the Facebook dream, Travis Katz knew what it would take to build a business on Facebook, and the implications of social networking as a whole on a business, as he headed international operations at MySpace and helped to grow the platform from a user base of 10 million to 66 million.  Travis went on to create Gogobot, the largest social travel site built on Facebook, which surpassed the 1 million registered user mark in May, with a new member joining every 15 seconds and more than 60 percent growth since January 2012.

“Gogobot has become a go-to, reliable source of travel information for a community of more than 1 million in-the-know travelers because it automatically sorts reviews and photos of hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on their popularity in your personal network — so every user has a unique, personalized experience.  By far the largest and fastest growing in the increasingly hot social travel space, so many people have adopted Gogobot because the advice comes from friends and like-minded users in your network, rather than anonymous strangers.” — Travis Katz, CEO and co-founder, Gogobot.

Congratulations to the Gogobot team in Menlo Park and London for reaching this major milestone!  Here’s a snapshot of some of their coverage, including a great 5 minute broadcast segment featuring Travis on FOX Business, where Gogobot was described as the “Facebook of Travel.”

Travis’s Gogobot travel passport can be seen at http://www.gogobot.com/user/travis-katz