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Remember w hen you could call up your travel agent and tell them what you had in mind and they’d come back with recommendations suiting your preferences? For example, you could tell them “I’d like to go to someplace that isn’t filled with tourists, where I can explore nature and see indigenous animals, but I don’t want to it to be too strenuous. Oh, and I’d like to stay in a boutique hotel, if possible, and I’d like to book a romantic restaurant since I will also be celebrating a special occassion.” Your travel agent would search through brochures and guidebooks and make a few phone calls before delivering a recommendation for you. But sadly, that same service hasn’t been available on the Internet… Until today.

NileGuide launches today – focusing on what you’ll be doing once you arrive at your destination, vs focusing on which airline you’ll take to get there. You’ll find content from sources you already know, like CitySearch, OpenTable, and Expedia, but you’ll also read content submitted by people that live in the city you’re visiting so you can explore like a local. Forget about being a tourist – you’re now equipped to be a traveler and bring home unique stories about your memorable holiday. Because not everyone wants to visit the Hard Rock Cafe as the highlight of their holiday.

Below is a picture of Heddi and I with Josh Steinitz, CEO and co-founder of NileGuide.

Heddi Cundle, Josh Steinitz (NileGuide), Kathy Johnson (Consort Partners)