Consort /känˌsôrt/ noun: a companion; an associate
or partner; a confidant.
All-senior level team of PR professionals,
journalists and entrepreneurs.
Based in Silicon Valley, Austin and London.


A global focus. Consort Partners provides social media, marketing, public relations and corporate advisory services to help companies achieve their strategic objectives.

Founded in 2004, Consort Partners is an international strategic marketing, social media and public relations company with a track record of building the profiles and awareness of new and established businesses alike.

Consort Partners has its entrepreneurial roots in creating, building, and leading high-profile companies across technology, media, and finance markets across the US, Europe and Asia.

Consort employs senior journalists, PR and marketing experts who have an international network of business leaders, journalists, thought-leaders, opinion formers, financiers and analysts that they can leverage on behalf of our clients. Consort Partners is a privately-held company owned 100% by the founders and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with operations in Austin, Texas and London, UK.


From print to online, from radio to TV, Consort generates impactful coverage that translates into commercial gain. From the client who was contacted by Oprah’s company following an article in the Wall Street Journal, to a client getting funded on the back of a post in Re/code, Consort generates high impact, high value awareness.


A full-service agency, Consort handles all of your PR and social media needs.

Media Relations

Our campaigns get our clients noticed, everywhere.


We created the event that launched the world’s biggest game. People remember our events.

Social Media

We amplify media cross digital and social channels with a voice and a personality that makes you stand out.

Creative Services

From video production to website creation, our creative team produces international award-winning digital work.

Content Marketing

We help you attract and retain customers by creating and curating relevant, valuable and memorable content.

Influencer Marketing

From Jim Harbaugh’s smartwatch, to Jimmy Fallon’s way of relaxing – we create influencial brand partnerships.


Consort is the best PR agency I’ve worked with.

Stephen Stokols, CEO

We’ve worked with Consort Partners since 2007 and have stayed with them because they consistently work hard to provide exceptional results for us.

Riccardo Zacconi, CEO & Co-founder

Consort was more an extension of our team than an agency.

Shelby Thomas Clark, Founder & Chief Community Officer

Consort has done a great job with several of my portfolio companies and I recommend them to any early stage tech company that wants to get the ball rolling with press.

Howard Hartenbaum, General Partner
 August Capital

Consort really cares about our business and works hard to ensure we get as much coverage as possible.

Charles Jolley, Engineering & Product Manager

Consort’s network of industry executives, reporters and analysts – both domestically and internationally – is excellent. I highly recommend working with Consort.

Thorsten Dirks, Member of the Board of Management & Chief Executive Officer KPN Mobile International

Consort has done an amazing job generating media reach for the launch of our driverless vehicle at CES with results exceeding our expectations.

Max Lefevre, Co-founder, VP Marketing

Consort is one of the best PR firms I have ever worked with. The team is responsive and highly knowledgeable about the industry allowing them to find story angles for several verticals at the same time which is the best kind of PR. Every PR agency pitches new business based on the “quality of contacts”

Jennifer Grenz, VP 
Marketing and Mobile Technology