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hubworld.jpgOn Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, Metaplace announced they have changed their name from Areae to Metaplace – something much easier to say, spell and remember!  But the big news is they have raised an additional $6.7 million from existing investors Crescendo and CRV, and new investors Marc Andreesen and Ben Horowitz.  Additionally, Metaplace also moved from private alpha status to a phased invite-only beta opening of their site – providing codes to select blogs to offer out to their users.   As Raph Koster, CEO of Metaplace stated, “In the coming years, as virtual places become a standard element of the Web, alongside text, audio, images, and video, Metaplace will be the engine that enables the transformation.”  We’re looking forward to seeing the new and exciting ways people will use Metaplace to create virtual book clubs, town halls, games, gatherings and conversations.