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It was hard not to elbow your neighbor as we packed 9 people into a table normally set for 5 people, maximum. But heck, it was fun.

We dined on Alba truffles with veal cheek, foie gras, scallops with pearls of radish and cucumber, lobster sauteed in butter… all washed down with a smooth French burgundy.

Between courses, Martin grew anxious as he awaited a call from his daughter, as she was hoping to be accepted into Columbia. He was overwhelmingly proud of his little girl when she gave him the good news that she was indeed accepted. Champage was poured and the mood enlivened even more as we toasted to the next generation movers and shakers.

Meanwhile, in this photo, Daniela Hinrichs of Xing leans in to the glee of Om Malik of GigaOm, while I make space for Martin Varsavsky of FON.