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It’s been a while since Felix Miller and Martin Stiksel, co-founders of the music site, Last.fm, have been in the press, but today, they announced that they have been working hard on a new company called Lumi, a personal Web experience that makes it easy to discover new and relevant content.

Back when Martin and Felix started Last.fm, they tried to show that with the right kind of technology, it would be possible – and easy – for people to discover new music they like.  The pair always thought that by taking a similar approach for the Web as a whole it should be easy for people to discover all sorts of content. That’s what they’re doing with Lumi.

Instead of starting from scratch each time you fire up your browser, Lumi allows you to anonymously and securely record the pages you visit. Lumi then uses this data to learn about your interests, to discover popular webpages and to provide suggestions of pages that will interest you.

The site is currently accepting early-bird testers – just go to https://lumi.do to check it out.