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While the recession looms heavy over our heads and layoffs abound, it’s good to hear good news emerging out of Silicon Valley.  Kosmix, a company that is twisting the traditional search model on its head, has just raised $20 million, led by Time Warner and other luminaries investors, bringing the total to a cool $55 million.  This is a testament to the co-founders Venky Harinarayan and his business partner Anand Rajaraman, who co-founded Kosmix in 2005 with the vision to connect people to the information that makes a difference in their lives.  Instead of wading through pages and pages of three-lined links in traditional search engines, Kosmix takes the work out of search and instead automatically categorizes and organizes relevant information from a variety of sources (photos, videos, community comments, web pages, blogs) so we can discover new things about our search topic.  In fact, have you ever wondered what Consort really means?  Check out the way Kosmix provides the answer here.

Plus, Kosmix has also revamped their site – check out the shiny new “beta-ish” version at Kosmix.com.