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Robert Norton (King), Om Malik (GigaOm), Toby Rowland (King)

King.com has just revealed new traffic numbers – their traffic has more than doubled since last January, with 190 million games played in January 2008. The interesting insight into skill games is it’s a domain of women, with over 70% of players being female, primarly around 30 years of age. They play to relax and for the community aspects, as they can meet other players throughout the world and play a variety of games, including those developed for for hit television shows, such as “American Idol,” “Deal or No Deal: The Banker’s Quiz,” and “The Biggest Loser.” In addition to skill games and entertainment, King.com saw rapid growth in MyGame.com, its free site aimed at social networks and community platforms worldwide.

(Photo:  Robert Norton, King.com, Om Malik, GigaOm, and Toby Rowland, King.com)