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It’s finally here – election day.  After all the campaigning, messaging, soundbites, real-life stories, drama and interviews, it’s now our turn to take action and head to the polls to exercise our right to vote.  I had actually asked for an absentee ballot, so I cast my vote a couple of weeks ago and made sure to select the right answer to all the Propositions and Measures on the ballot.  Unfortunately, I think the ballots can be a bit tricky sometime, as I had intended to vote for the right for marriage for everyone, including same-sex couples, but that meant voting No on Prop 8 versus what I had intuited to be Yes.  Luckily, I read it again and cast the vote I wanted – No on Prop 8.  I also am in favor of letting farm animals have a right to stand up in their cage, spread their wings, and have a humane life so I voted Yes on Prop 2.  And finally, for the President of the United States?  Well, I guess you can tell by the video below where my vote has gone.

Regardless of your political affiliation or whether you agree or disagree with my voting choices, I do hope you get out there and help shape your town, community and country and vote.