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Dominic, David Hiller (photographer) and Kathy...
Image by kathyjohnson via Flickr

The green hat photo that has been used on this blog is a bit old and I’m tired of looking like Kermit’s sista, so we’ve recently swapped it out for a more recent picture.  Indeed, it was just taken last week by famed photographer David Hiller (in the middle of this photo), best known for shooting rock & roll legends like Hendrix, Cream, Fleetwood Mac, and my all time fave, Neil Diamond (swoooon).  He’s also shot the likes of Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie and several other celebs.  Now he can count a couple of nerds amongst the profile shots in his portfolio.

The photo is just a placeholder for now.  You will probably be seeing some slight modifications to the site and blog in the days and weeks to come.