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Watching old friend Mark Goldstein launch new co at #demo. Seeing other old friends too

We’re now in Palm Desert and enjoying all the palm trees and desert weather!  The presenters for DEMO ’09 are now here and the attendees are registering and getting settled.  The official program kicks off tomorrow with 39 companies launching their latest innovations.  The last time I was at DEMO, there were almost 80 companies presenting, with several on the waiting list, so the recession is palpable simply in the numbers of CEOs staged for their 6-minutes of DEMO time.  Meanwhile there are almost 70 members of the press here, so the companies should be happy that they will likely get face time with journalists.

DEMO just informed us that they are broadcasting the entire conference live on the web starting at 8:30AM PST on March 2nd and 3rd here:  www.demo.com/live