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Kara Swisher popped by the Seesmic office on Monday – and before she even entered the office, her video camera was already armed and ready as she turned the camera on Loic and VinVin to provide an update on Seesmic. You can see her post here – Kara visits Seesmic, but the picture above was taken right before Vinvin donned a large phony mustache and started rummaging in the green box you see to apply a bit of powder for his taping of the next Seesmic du jour.

Both Vinvin and Loic are perfect characters for the camera and will most certainly become stars in the emergence of the web-celebs. You can see Bobbie Johnson’s take on the current line-up of web celebs in his article “Stars in your Lap.”

Video is becoming an everyday part of our Internet lives and it’s fascinating and exciting to have a front row seat!

VinVin in the Seesmic Cafe studio