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Mark Benerofe and Thede Loder (Boxbe) with Bambi Francisco (Vator.tv) Before the AlwaysOn Media conference even began, networking and interviewing commenced.  We met up with Bambi Francisco in the lobby of the Mandarin and talked about her cool new company Vator.tv.  She and her team have been busy building a “video Hoover’s” and I’m thoroughly impressed with their progress.  I had registered earlier last year but Bambi gave me a quick review of what’s changed since then and it’s developed into a rich community of entrepreneurs, VCs and executives sharing their stories, pitches, commentary and wishes.

To date, Michael Kleindl of wunderloop, Jamie Siminoff of Simulscribe, Stephen Stokols of WooMe, and Loic Le Meur of Seesmic have all been video taped on Vator.tv.  At AlwaysOn, Bambi and her team also videoed Tim Schigel of ShareThis, Charlie Muirhead of T5M, Marc Campbell of Independent Comedy Network, Dan Cohen of Pageflakes, Matt Colebourne of CoComment and in the photo above, she’s taping Mark Benerofe and Thede Loder of Boxbe.   I’ll provide links to Marc and Dan’s videos once they’re posted.

Bambi also wanted to get me on camera but I had a sudden case of camera-shyness-sickness.  But I promised her I’d post a pitch about Consort – which I will do.  In the meantime, you can check out my static profile here on Vator.tv.