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doubletwist-press-collageAdAge just posted an article about doubleTwist, following their new campaign in NY and SF which features ads in buses and commuter trains.  However, it’s also interesting to note the outcome of the mystery of the disappearing ad during Apple‘s WWDC in San Francisco.  You might remember the ad went up right under the Apple logo at the Apple store, only to come down hours later — and stayed down on the strategically key dates which were important to doubleTwist’s marketing plan.

AdAge reports,  “The $25,000, three-month billboard lease lasted just two days, was taken down twice and replaced once. No matter: The days following saw a 10-fold jump in downloads and a sustained increase in DoubleTwist’s website traffic.

The story made great fodder for articles and speculation.  A taste of the coverage surrounding the BART debacle are shown above.