August 2013

Coach Harbaugh of the #49ers says thanks to AP reporter Janie McCauly for giving him a Lifetrak C300 courtesy of Azumio and Salutron


0604_technology-freedompop-stokols_650x455Today heralds the expansion of the FreedomPop network onto LTE using Sprint’s footprint across the nation.  With this move, FreedomPop paves the way for their upcoming Freedom Phone launch, providing free voice, data, and text, as well as any other upcoming LTE-enabled devices.

Below is a snapshot of some of the press covering the announcement today.  Congrats Team FreedomPop.


FreedomPop mobile hotspot now supports Sprint’s 4G LTE
By Lance Whitney
August 6, 2013
PC Magazine
FreedomPop LTE Hotspot Now Available on Sprint
By Stepanie Mlot
August 6, 2013,2817,2422758,00.asp
FreedomPop Rolls Out LTE Hotspot, Expands To Sprint LTE Network
By Tomio Geron
August 6, 2013
FreedomPop brings free mobile service to Sprint’s LTE network, amid overwhelming demand
By Devindra Hardawar
August 6, 2013
FreedomPop racks up 100K users, adds Sprint LTE to its mobile data arsenal
By Kevin Fitchard
August 6, 2013
Freemium Wireless Startup FreedomPop Embraces Sprint’s LTE Network With New Hardware
By Chris Velazco
August 6, 2013
All Things Digital
FreedomPop, TextNow Plan New Services Atop Sprint’s Network
By Ina Fried
August 6, 2013
Pando Daily
“Data is a true commodity that users want to commoditize even further”
By Nathaniel Mott
August 6, 2013
FreedomPop jumps to LTE, lets you run out of free data faster than ever
By Jon Fingas
August 6, 2013
Ars Technica
FreedomPop: Buy a hotspot, get 500MB of free Sprint LTE each month
By John Brodkin
August 6, 2013
Fierce Wireless
FreedomPop crosses 100K subs, adds support for Sprint’s LTE network
By Phil Goldstein
August 6, 2013
MultiChannel News
FreedomPop Launches LTE Hotspot
By Jeff Baumgartner
August 6, 2013
Free Internet provider FreedomPop begins offering LTE mobile hotspots with 500MB of monthly data
By Josh Ong
August 6, 2013
FreedomPop’s freemium wireless service embraces Sprint’s LTE network
By Jared Newman
August 6, 2013
The Verge
FreedomPop offers 500MB of free LTE a month, upgrades to Sprint’s faster 4G network
By Sean Hollister
August 6, 2013
Light Reading
FreedomPop Jumps on Sprint LTE
By Sarah Reedy
August 6, 2013
FreedomPop Launches Its First LTE Device
By Joseph Palenchar
August 6, 2013
Wireless Week
FreedomPop Goes LTE, Releases New LTE Hotspot
By Ben Munson
August 6, 2013
FreedomPop Expands Free Wireless Broadband On Sprint LTE
By Ben Kuo
August 6, 2013
Sci-Tech Today
FreedomPop To Offer ‘Free’ 4G LTE Data Using Sprint
By Seth Fitzgerald
August 6, 2013–Free–LTE-Data-/story.xhtml?story_id=012001GT2JGC
Sacramento Bee
FreedomPop Expands Network To Include Nationwide LTE Wireless Internet Service
August 6, 2013
Mind of the Geek
Want free 4G LTE? FreedomPop now has you covered
By Brett Watz
August 6, 2013
Phone Dog
FreedomPop now using Sprint’s 4G LTE network, launches LTE hotspot with 500MB of free data per month
By Alex Wagner
August 6, 2013
Hot Hardware
FreedomPop Expands to Sprint’s 4G LTE Network, Adds A Mobile Hotspot to Product Lineup
By Seth Colaner
August 6, 2013
FreedomPop Offers LTE Service Via New Hotspot
By Karl Bode
August 6, 2013
Telecom Paper
FreedomPop expands into the Sprint LTE network
August 6, 2013–959670
FreedomPop gets faster, offers free 4G LTE service
August 6, 2013
FreedomPop offers Sprint 4G LTE MVNO package
August 6, 2013
Phone News
FreedomPop Launches LTE Service, Confirms Mobile VoIP Service Timeline
By Humberto Saabedra
August 6, 2013