June 2012

Ever been in a rush to find something.  “I know I saved that document somewhere…  Did I file it under ‘Contracts’ or ‘Clients’?…. GAH, they are asking me more questions about it and I still can’t find it… Give me another minute…”  You know what I mean?  Or even worse, you have a device  under warranty and need the receipt for repair or a refund.  Oh dear… that thing was bought almost a year ago.  That receipt is surely somewhere, but it’s going to take some time to find it, and who has the time (or desire) to dig through piles of paperwork.

Frank Thelen, a serial entrepreneur and engineer also faced that problem (I think we all have).  Except, in his case, his wife was also getting a little tired of his ‘massive piles of bills and receipts’ cluttering up the dining room table.  “Honey, you might be a great technologist, but you’re driving me crazy with this clutter.  Can you do something about it?”  Frank found his wife’s “honey do” request an inspiration for his latest endeavor:  doo.net, the first cloud-based service that collects documents from multiple sources and intelligently organizes and stores them in a single, secure place.

doo.net automatically collects documents from your hard drive as well as from online services such as your email account via IMAP integration to allow importing of documents from attachments. The documents in doo.net are automatically and smartly organized through intelligent proprietary algorithms – including Optical Character Recognition, keyword and date extraction – to organize and tag documents. Once tagged, doo.net organizes the documents by intuitive tag categories such as people, organization, place, and document type, making your documents a cinch to locate. This enables powerful search capabilities where users can enter single or multiple keyword combinations to effortlessly find and instantly view and edit documents. Every version of each document – whether an invoice, receipt, contract or insurance policy – is backed up and secured with technologies such as OAuth 2.0 authentication and continual encrypted communication and storage. And, since all of the apps are native, doo.net lets you find the right documents in seconds.

Frank’s wife loved his new solution, and so did a few other people.  doo.net just announced that it raised a new round of Series A funding to $10 million, led by Target Partners, who join DuMont Venture, e42 Ventures and prominent angel investors, including Lars Hinrichs, founder of Xing and HackFwd, and Professor Dr. Dres. h.c. Hermann Simon, the Simon-Kucher & Partners founder and chairman who’s been dubbed “The Peter Drucker of Europe.”

doo.net is currently available for the OS X platform with more coming soon.  So if you want to free yourself from the stress of searching your mountains of documents and enjoy the gratification of finding what you need more quickly and easily, do the doo.net and download it here www.doo.net

The team at Consort Partners is honored to partner with NOAH Advisors on their first US conference taking place Tuesday, June 26th at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco.

Over 500 of the best and brightest entrepreneurs, investors and advisors from Europe are flying in to the city by the bay to present their companies to Silicon Valley digerati spanning start ups to investors, angels to bankers, reporters to lawyers.  I’m honored to have a hand at welcoming attendees at 8am, along with Marco Rodzynek, Managing Director and Founder of NOAH.

You can check out the program here.



Last month, King.com made a lot of headlines all around the world for their explosive growth, strategic hires, games launches, and thought-leadership from both the company as a whole, as well as from CEO and co-founder, Riccardo Zacconi.  Here’s just a snapshot of some of the coverage that was generated around King.com in May 2012.  All hail to the King (dot com)!