March 2012

Time flies

Eek.  I just noticed that the last time I got around to blogging was January.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

We’ve been extra busy here at Consort:  new clients, new hires, and tons and tons of media engagement on behalf of our clients.

We’ve had some major coverage for some of our clients.

      • RelayRides was featured on The Today Show (thanks Matt Lauer!)
      • Gogobot was featured on CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg’s site
      • appeared on The Financial Times, and there’s lots more to report.

We’ve been so busy that this blog is like the cobbler’s children: the old story goes “the cobbler was so busy fixing everyone’s shoes, so he didn’t have time to fix his own kids’ shoes.”  We’ve been writing, pitching, calling, and strategizing day and night, weekends and holidays, for our beloved clients.  So this little blog has had to take a time out.

I’m slowly coming back up for air, so I’ll try to share some of the exposure our clients have been enjoying lately.