January 2010

It’s Friday. I’m supposed to be on vacation (I’ve been on vacation for the entire week… not that anyone could tell…I’ve been online the entire time… but that’s my fault… anyway, I digress….).

I just saw this video and had to share. For anyone in the news business, I think you’ll appreciate the tongue-in-cheek lesson. Well, I thought it was funny.  But then again, I’m holed up in a hotel room with my 120 degree laptop on my legs, getting sweaty and radiated, when I should be getting sweaty and radiated by the Hawaiian sunshine.

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When it comes to online dating, honesty is probably the best policy, but some things are better left unsaid.  Navigating the rough waters of how to describe yourself in an honest and catchy/compelling way is something all online daters struggle with.  Indeed, the 40 million Americans using online dating sites have quickly learned what can make the difference between getting overlooked and connecting online: the perfectly written dating profile description.

Yesterday, Imagini launched ProfileWiz, a new site that helps both the 2 million new monthly users of dating services, as well as experienced romance seekers looking to freshen up their profiles.

Utilizing Imagini’s patent-pending VisualDNA technology, ProfileWiz poses questions and presents possible answers in the forms of photos. In less than five minutes, ProfileWiz produces a 500-word personalized profile reflecting the personality and dating preferences of the user that can be accepted as is or tailored into an even more nuanced version. ProfileWiz is capable of writing more than over 64.1 trillion possible profiles that help cut to the quick in the quest to find a partner.

With 49.9 million links with profile tips and writing services costing $30 to $200 per profile – dating industry revenue topped $1 billion last year – ProfileWiz produces a description for a fraction of that. In addition to helping members of online dating services save money, it saves time searching with an apt, enticing description that sets them apart.

While I’m not single, I did find my ProfileWiz report psychologically illuminating. While I probably would do a terrible job describing myself, ProfileWiz was indeed like my personal Cyrano – articulating my wishes, preferences and hopes in a beautifully compelling way.

You can get your own ProfileWiz report at http://www.profilewiz.com.  And if you hurry, the first 1000 people that click on this link – http://www.proiflewiz.com/18001. can save $4.75 and get their report for free.

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It’s raining cats and dogs outside at the moment.  The window next to me has just fogged up so I can no longer see outside.  Meanwhile, I’ve been online with various clients, colleagues, and reporters discussing upcoming news for the mainstream consumer audience.

The fog on my window has forced me to focus on the things close to me as I can no longer see the vista beyond.  Sometimes, I have to also remind myself that beyond the foggy window, or finger of fog descending upon the hills, there lies a world where not everybody has an iPhone, not everyone Tweets every day or plays Foursquare, and those who, dare I say, don’t even check their email every nanosecond like I do (I know… loser).

When it comes to technology public relations, it’s easy to fall victim to the TLAs (three-letter acronyms), buzz words (social graph, anyone?) and common assumptions (what?! you don’t have an iPhone?) that we in Silicon Valley toss around in our daily conversations.  But as I was reminded by a colleague today, this unique vocabulary and set of beliefs we have can sound like a foreign language and thereby distance the message from those who actually might be interested in hearing it.

So while the stereotype of the geek may have changed from the guy above to Neo of The Matrix or to Mr. Million Twitter Followers Ashton Kutcher, I still remind myself to leave the acronyms at the door and just speak in plain English.  It’s not about the features.  It’s what the features can do for me.  And now, I think I’ll wipe off that fog from my window.

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Last week I played a bit of a matchmaker – introducing tech companies to the leading venture capitalists in the Bay Area. While the companies had different stories to pitch, and the VCs had different areas of emphasis, the one common denominator in all of the meetings was the emphasis by the VCs to the entrepreneurs to maintain a laser focus on solving one problem and doing it extremely well.

I think it’s the normal ambition of an entrepreneur to do things well, but given the Type-A personality of most entrepreneurs, it’s also common to see them want to pursue multiple problems with their solution. It’s a hard temptation to resist, knowing you could build a solution that has a bevy of features applicable to a variety of problems. But, just as best-selling author Daniel Pink (@danielpink) says in his newest book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, it’s critical to come up with a one-sentence description – whether that one sentence describes who you are, what you do, what you want to do, the company you’ve created or work for, etc.

So, for me and the Consort Partners team, I think we’ll keep focusing on public and financial relations for technology companies. Keeping it simple. And focused.

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This is awesome. A great example of Pay(ing) it Forward. I just donated through the link.

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We’re off to a sprint as the year gets started with the debut of a new client, PerfectStream, which has backing from MP3 co-inventor Professor KarlHeinz Brandenburg.

“When I first met these guys it sounded crazy to me,” Brandenburg told AFP while courting partners for PerfectStream at the Consumer Electronics Show that ended Sunday in Las Vegas.

“But I have a fondness for crazy ideas because when we started MP3 it seemed crazy to everyone as well.”

PerfectStream is set to change the way we consume audio and video content over the Internet, as the technology allows all IP-enabled devices from mobile phones, to TVs to “dumb” devices like digital picture frames to stream personalized content from a variety of sources.

We’re also excited to be working with Kosmix‘s RightHealth health site, which pulls together information about various health subjects and consolidates the data into a comprehensive package, ideal for patients, caregivers, and those concerned about particular health matters (aren’t we all).

Today also marks the first exit in 2010 from pan-European VC, Wellington Partners.  This proves that Wellington’s strategy is paying off as they have sold their stake in eCircle, one of the leading email marketing service providers worldwide, to TA Associates, Boston, as part of a majority investment of over €60 million of the Boston-based growth private equity firm.

There are a couple of other big new developments on our side which we’ll reveal soon, but we’re very excited and happy with the way 2010 is going.  Onwards and upwards!

So funny that there are slot machines right next to the gate. In case you’re feeling especially lucky.. Or bored.

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Hey, I know it’s not much, but the gesture made her smile. I found a housecleaning lady in the hallway of the Hilton and handed them to her. I think she was pleasantly surprised. Too bad for both of us that I’m so bad at gambling.

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Man, this plane is so cramped that my purse barely fits. Off soon – 34 minute flight at 19k ft to Fresno for a connection to Las Vegas for my first CES.

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