June 2008

bbc-click.jpgreQall has been in the media spotlight including a review by David Pogue of the New York Times, being named a start-up to watch by MIT Technology Review, and being featured in the Webscape segment of the BBC’s premier technology program, Click.  Congratulations to the reQall team for helping us all make our lives a little bit easier by giving us a back-up brain.  Something we could all use (especially me).

This week we attended Supernova to hear some of our clients speak at the conference including Raph Koster of Metaplace, pictured here with Dominic, Lane Hartwell and myself. Following the session, we hit the sweltering streets of San Francisco for a photoshoot featuring Raph (hence the big silver reflector that Dominic is holding). Raph is one of those enviable guys that is incredibly smart, refreshingly down to earth, and extremely talented as well (he’s a composer, musician, poet and artist). With all that in one package, you know that when Metaplace launches, it will be something special.

Danny Bonaduce talks about coComment on CNN Showbiz Tonight

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Danny Bonaduce (remember him from the Partridge Family) was just on CNN Showbiz Tonight and talked about how he uses coComment. Essentially, coComment allows him to remember all the places where he’s left comments (on websites) and he can also see who has commented on his comments. To put it another way – in real life, we make a statement about something, usually somebody else responds, and then we respond.. hence, a conversation. In the Internet, these exchanges are usually staccato – we make a comment, and then that’s it. We don’t know when somebody else writes a response or if the conversation sparks a life of it’s own. coComment solves this problem by bringing all these pieces together – just like a real life conversation. And for an opinionated guy like Danny Bonaduce (also a DJ on 97.1FM), keeping track of his conversations is a pretty important aspect of his job.

Also this week, Chris Nuttall of the Financial Times explored the rise of the commenter in his article, “Comment is freed from the blog stockade.

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The second part of the interview with Ivy Brain’s Reena Jadhav appeared today giving you tips and hints to make it in the major newspapers, how to maximize social media, and the story behind the newest buzzword, premature e-launchulation.

Here again are some of those free PR distribution links:
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Congratulations to NileGuide for raising $8M since their launch on April 28th, bringing them to over $10.5M in total. The Series B investment was led by Austin Ventures and includes Lehman Brothers, Draper Richards and KPG Ventures. This is a significant validation of both the category and the company, as NileGuide is now the most well-funded travel planning site in existence.

While the experience of travel is sometimes a headache given exorbitant fuel prices, crowded planes, and long security lines, the experience of planning your trip should be easy and fun… just as your trip should be. By gaining insight from local experts, you can travel like a local and discover new points of interest to share with your friends, family and colleagues. Just in time for the summer holiday season!

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youniverse-dating.jpgToday Youniverse, the company known for their unique ability to understand your true motivations by deciphering the underlying reason you choose certain pictures to represent answers to very short questions, has opened a new site that brings people together for dating, fun, romance and friendship. The Youniverse Dating site works like the other Youniverse sites, in that you are presented a short question like “My ideal first date…” You are then presented 14 pictures to represent your answer. At the end, you have a personalized analysis of the type of Date you are, and you’re also shown several people that share the same intrinsic tastes and interests. So instead of having to fill out a 258 question profile on other online dating sites, you simply pick a picture and the the picture speak a thousand words about you. Cool.

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